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C ulture 3:13 MSM Photographed by: Imani Ogden/MSM M iami brothers come together for a greater cause by finalizing their first feature film 3:13. David and Paul Jaure are a unique movie industry phenomenon. David, the younger of the two siblings is the director & writer of the homeless feature based on real life events. Paul Jaure, who’s screen name is Paul Alexandro stars as the vagrant victim of the US economic recession. Portions of the film’s earnings will be donated to several homeless institutions. David and Paul join us at MSM offices for an exclusive interview and photo shoot. MSM: What message are you trying to convey with your project? DJ: Before becoming a Filmmaker, I used to work in Downtown Miami for 18 years. Throughout those years, I came to see many homeless people that lived in those streets. Some I helped by giving money, clothes, or food. With the years passing by, I made friends with some and came to know most. They have so many stories. They all had brothers, sisters, a father and a mother and we as a society often fail to realize that. When I began with this project, from day one I knew I wanted to make a film that could make a change in society by doing what I love the most, “Film Making” and at the same time, helping homeless people with a film that will change the way people think about them in a very positive way. “If I could change one persons perception of homeless people so they understand anyone could end up in the hard streets, then I can say I did something right and hopefully they will see them like any other human being”. MSM: Please tell us about your film’s involvement with the homeless institutions and your goals. DJ: We are currently talking to some Institutions and everything is looking very positive. Our goals are to help society understand that homeless people are and lived a life like ours before the streets. 30 ❘ MsM Miami shoot Magazine ❘ Culture If we can give them a push in the right direction, as a father to a child, then they will have a another chance at life, a normal life they once had. We have formed a non profit organization called “”, with the mission to raise consciousness and funds to assist homeless institutions worldwide, who share our commitment to feed and aid the homeless. MSM: How much time have you invested in creating this film? Please explain the process. DJ: Time is everything in life…and the time I have spent in this film, was worth every minute of it. I began writing the script around 2010 and finished the script around December of 2012. As soon as I finished the script, I took it to my brother who loved it. Our dreams of making a movie together, him as an Actor and I as Director, was coming true. I went through a process of about 3 months finding the Crew, Director of Photography, and Actors. They all loved the idea of being part of this film, since it was for a great cause. We began filming in the beginning of 2013, and finished 103 days later. After the 5th day of shooting, I felt we had something special here. You could feel the incredible energy on set, from the Director of Photography (Nathan Mikita), to every single Actor on set. And when things got tough,