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Biweekly Events Guide: 4/18-5/1

SOUTH FLORIDA Beaker & Gray Showcase Game of Thrones Inspired Cuisine to Celebrate Show’s Season Premiere When: Monday, April 18th-Sunday, April 24th – all day Where: Beaker & Gray Additional Information: Dishes include Valyrian Grinder (village bread, pulled mutton, Valyrian mushroom, & wildfire / $14); Ribs of the North (lamb …

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Carnival Season is in Full Swing!

By Dawn Wilson Since Carnival is in full swing, we decided to mention the things that are commonly found at Carnival festivals in the Caribbean and in North America. J’Ouvert: This is the pre-carnival parade, which kicks off Carnival. Music: The music that is commonly played during the festival is …

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5 of the Most Inspiring European Hotels

By Nadja Atwal What better to do in the new travel year than discovering a new European city or revisiting a city and falling in love with it all over again by exploring new sites and places there? Yes, but it all starts with picking the right hotel. With these …

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New Year, New Adventures

By Dawn Wilson While you’re sitting there taking stock of your life and considering what awaits you this New Year, why not consider doing something totally unexpected. You may read about some exciting and adventurous activities that people participate in and say to yourself that you could never do that. …

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Chilling: Some of the Coldest Destinations on Earth

By Gisel Habibnejad Miami is finally facing the cold front we were looking for during the holidays. Although it is late to the party, we should still take advantage of all the benefits that come with it: scarves, stylish boots, leather jackets, hot chocolate, snuggling. Here’s a list of some …

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8 of the Most Majestic Castles of the World

Some of us weren’t lucky enough to be born into royalty, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the culture or gaze around the majestic beauty within and surrounding castles. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most grandeur and awe-inspiring castles in the world. Some even inspired the …

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10 Celebrity Vacation Hotspots

By Gisel Habibnejad With their fame and fortune running on surplus, celebrities know exactly where and how to vacation. If you want to know the hotspots to travel to, simply follow the footsteps of all the biggest celebrities—after all, they keep coming back for a reason. Here’s a list of …

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Safe Travels with Savvy Travelers

By Gisel Habibnejad The holiday are coming up, which usually means traveling with loved ones. Some of these travels require air transportation and airlines enforce a strict travel code through which our beauty essentials usually suffer. Sometimes, we have to leave behind important products vital to our beauty regimen. Savvy …

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Amazing Ski Resorts Worth the Visit this Winter

November-December Issue 2015 By Dawn Wilson With so many ski resorts to choose from, narrowing down the one to visit may pose a bit of a challenge. However, we have come across a few that we think are worth your taking notice of. These resorts offer more than skiing options, …

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6 Reasons to Book a Flight to Canada Right Now!

…Other than Niagara Falls. Our neighbors up north have a lot more to offer than icy landscapes and beautiful waterfalls. Next time you make a trip, be sure to visit these wonderful attractions, eh. 1. Butchart Gardens 2. Notre Dame Basilica 3. Moraine Lake 4. Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology …