Gene Gaylor with Students of North Miami Middle School
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GOGO Benefit Concert: A Performance Dedicated to a Hopeful Future

By Michèle Bigler Guitars over Guns, better known as GOGO, is a praiseworthy organization that caters to at-risk children by providing them with after-school jam sessions, instruments and musical mentors, ultimately aiming at steering them away from gangs, guns and the like. The founder is local musician and Spam All Stars band …

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O Cinema: A Theater of Dreams

By Michèle Bigler Photography Courtesy of O Cinema It has been said that cinema has evolved into the modern book. Most of the classic novels we’ve all heard of or even read have come to life behind the screen in movie theaters and eventually made their way into our living …

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Grovetoberfest: An Homage to Tradition and Craft Beer

By Michèle Bigler Didn’t have enough money saved up to fly across the ocean to Munich for the traditional Octoberfest? Not to worry Grovetoberfest is coming up this Saturday and you can enjoy a mini, South Florida version of the 2-century-old event. In case you didn’t know Bavarians have been …

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The Festival of Trees: Shed a Leaf for Interior Architecture

By Michèle Bigler With Halloween around the corner, the holiday season has officially kicked off and you know what that means, time to take out your calendar and mark the most noteworthy events of the season. It’s a difficult time because you’ll be forced to pick and choose from a …

Nina Surel
“Sisterhood diptych”
Lace, photography,
buttons, costume jewelry,
porcelain and resin
on wood.
78 x 180 inches
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Valli Art: The Unconventional Gallery

By Michèle Bigler Photography Courtesy of Valli Art Gallery A new art gallery has popped up not too far from the Wynwood Walls, contributing to the continuous flourishing of a neighborhood that used to sport gray walls and run down buildings and is now an explosion of talent and color. …

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Hop on the Acoustic Carpet

By Michèle Bigler The Arts & Entertainment district has been coming on strong with complimentary cultural gatherings that are buzzing all over town. Most recently, MSM attended “The Acoustic Carpet” a concert that was held in Canvas’ cozy backyard. The stage strategically sported an Egyptian-like carpet that assisted in escorting …

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A & E Pavilion Performance: Calling All Curious Individuals

By Michèle Bigler Ladies and gentlemen of Miami were cordially invited to attend an intimate gathering organized by Canvas and Miami Independent Thinkers in honor of the up-and-coming Arts & Entertainment district and the cultural atmosphere that it promises. Tuesday, May 5th 2015 marked the final show to a three-date circus burlesque ensemble.  …