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13 Cultured Wonders of the World

Indulge yourself  with one of nature’s most exquisite gems by Mikimoto with their new collection called Regalia. These cultured pearl gems drive elegance into any cultured pallet. Intricately feminine designs combined with unexpected shapes and settings lend a timeless twist to a classic ensemble.

Pearls have been recognized as an emblem of purity with good fortune and it is without a doubt that this collection is reserved for the purely fortunate who are willing to make a visual impact on their audience. Regalia is a collection of thirteen one-of-a-kind pieces. Not limited to the timeless elegance that is customary of lustrous pearls-these pieces spell a unique magic that will enchant you each time they are worn. It is as if Mikimoto designed this collection to complement a fairytale inspired by dangling dreams themselves. Sinking into a bath could not lather you with a more graceful gentility than Mikimoto Regalia collection; there is no cake that could satiate the craving these pearls fulfill. You are worth the indulgence.

Cape Gooseberry Ring
Cape Gooseberry earring
Cape Gooseberry
Fushia Bracelet
Fushia earrings
Fushia Necklace
Baroque Bracelet
Baroque earrings
Baroque Ring
Baroque Strand
Magnolia earring
Magnolia Necklace
Magnolia Ring

Featured in MSM’s Spring issue 2013

Mikimoto Regalia is available at Mikimoto boutiques in New York, California, and Las Vegas. For more information on Mikimoto and the Regalia Collection visit:

Text by Sepi Nasiri
Vice President, Women 2.0
MSM Contributing Writer

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