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6 Halloween Makeup Inspirations From The Pros

By Gisel Habibnejad

Halloween is not just about the costumes anymore. The better the face makeup, the more realistic and, let’s face it—just plain awesome. You can turn the most basic costume into something unique with a twist, like a zombie ballerina or a vampire Elvis Presley. Of course, you’ll need the right products… None of those oily paints that come from costume stores. Something professional will ensure a long-lasting effect for all your hard work. 

The talented makeup artists at MAC show us how we can turn boring costumes into beautiful art with these six creative looks.

1. Egyptian Goddess by Schuron Womack

2. Pop Icon by Lyle Reimer

3. Ice Queen by Lacie Dawn

4. Black Cat by Tu Dang

5. Day of the Dead by Marissa Jade Willinsky

6. Zombie by Matt King

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