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7 Miami Bloggers You Should Be Following

By Alyse Mier

From posts which make you want to buy a whole new wardrobe to photos of food that make you immediately hungry, meet the 7 Miami based bloggers you will definitely be following by the end of this article–if you don’t already.

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Emilie Sobel – Soul In Stilettos
A 23-year-old SCAD alumna whose initiative for creating something that was her very own led to Soul in Stilettos. This fashion blogger and social media coordinator has made herself popular among the blogosphere by blogging about affordable style and sharing with her following that being an “outfit repeater” is not something to be ashamed of. While Sobel’s original intention was to move to New York and work for a magazine, she learned of the opportunities available to her in marketing and has used those tools to market her blog and herself. She attributes her blog to giving her the ultimate gift “a job I love, and a job I know I’m good at.”

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Cari Garcia – Fatgirl Hedonist
Fatgirl Hedonist has garnered quite the following with her unique blogging strategy. Cari Garcia chooses to remain a mystery to her audience for the sake of being able to provide her readers with a thorough and honest review of Miami’s restaurants. Her goal is to create a commonplace for readers and guide them in the direction of a good dining experience. She strives to find places that offer “awesome food, unique menu items and great service.” Fatgirl Hedonist is an all in one food blog that offers readers with a list of events, awesome giveaways, and recipes to try for yourself.

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Annie Vazquez – The Fashion Poet
Originally a journalist writing for various outlets such as The Miami Herald and AOL, Vazquez launched her blog during the recession when she noticed that local fashion coverage had minimized. This savvy blogger was one of the first to utilize Miami’s rich history by having some historical landmarks featured in her posts as backdrops. Her blog has since evolved to include other city’s landmarks as well. However, the core of Vazquez’s blog continues to be “embracing one self no matter your size or shape.”

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Geoffrey Anderson and Dianne Rubin – Miami Food Pug
This blog is the result of a love of food and pugs. Friends of Anderson and Rubin were trying to convince them to create a food blog, but the duo believed the blog needed to have something different that would make it stand out among the crowd. A friend suggested adding Photoshopped pugs to each of their posts, and the rest is history. The quirky pug theme has been used to draw in Internet traffic, make people aware of the story behind the restaurants they visit and leave the blog with a greater appreciation of their dining experience.

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Ria Michelle
A blogger who has seamlessly combined her love for the Internet and fashion, Ria Michelle has an impressive following on social media. Through her blog she documents her quest to pursue a life of style, and inspires her readers to go down their own unique path. For the fall season you can assure yourself that she’ll be blogging about the 70s comeback. You’re bound to see a lot of flares, suede and fringe.

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Sef Gonzalez – Burger Beast
One of Miami’s most renowned food blogs, Burger Beast began in 2008 with the intention of being a creative outlet for Sef Gonzalez. Since its founding, the blog has grown from documenting Miami’s best burgers to educating readers on the wide selection of restaurants Miami has to offer. The Burger Beast himself also hosts’ events throughout the year such as Burger Beast Feast and Croquetapalooza in order to get his audience involved and create more personal connections with them. The blog even has an app available for iPhones and Androids. However, Gonzalez stays true to his roots and when we asked him what his favorite food was he told us, “Hmmm… Burgers. You had to see that one coming.”


Miami Art Scene
With the goal of expanding readers’ knowledge of the arts and spreading cultural awareness of the art Miami has to offer, Miami Art Scene has been a blogging pioneer. The blog has been in existence since the early days of WordPress. MAS has since grown exponentially and now has a large subscriber base worldwide and features local, national and international art shows as well as information on artists, art exhibits, trends and events. Needless to say this blog has become the go-to blog for artists, dealers, collectors, galleries, museum directors, curators, designers, art aficionados and art goers alike. MAS continues to grow as a renowned resource for visual art news and information, and generate the exposure necessary for artists and art businesses to succeed.

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