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8 Leather Goods Women Will Love From Shinola’s Newest Collection

By Gisel Habibnejad

2016 just began but before we know it, we’re in February. We now have something else to look forward to besides Valentine’s Day—the launch of Shinola’s first ever women’s leather collection! Located in Wynwood, the boutique offers only the best in leather so MSM couldn’t wait to see what’s in store for the new collection. We were pleasantly surprised to see handbags of all shapes, sizes, colors, and uses. Each leather good screams simplicity with an edge—just right for the upcoming season.

1. Medium Tote (Natural)

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Shinola-Medium Tote

2. Mini Zip Backpack (Natural)

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Shinola-Mini Zip Backpack

3. Drawstring (Regatta Blue)

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Shinola-Drawstring

4. Small Envelope Messenger (Regatta Blue)

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Shinola-Small Envelope Messenger

5. Accordion Clutch (Natural)

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Shinola-Accordion Clutch

6. Small Accordion Wallet (Red)

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Shinola-Small Accordion Wallet

7. Large Accordion Organizer (Black)

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Shinola-Large Accordion Organizer

8. Wide Double Wrap (Black)

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Shinola-Wide Double Wrap

The Shinola Wynwood boutique is located at 2399 NW 2nd Avenue
For more information, please visit

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