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Go Ahead…Exhale

by: Sandra Mateu

Exhale Mind Body Spa is known for revolutionizing the day spa business offering a complete transformational and healing experience to all guests.Exhale’s services embrace fitness, spa, relaxation, healing, beauty, nail care, waxing and retreats. They have authentic and multicultural programs that have positioned them as the leading lifestyle brand in the market.

The staff of Exhale is comprised of highly qualified experts that provide their visitors with a peaceful and rejuvenating experience for an overall well-being.

Exhale Mind Body Spas are located in standalone urban spas and central amenities in hotels, resorts, and residential hospitality developments.

Exhale has experienced a magnificent response from the public over the last six years. The spas have earned many awards and honors including the recognition of being one of the top ten brands by Fast Company next to Apple, Afflac, and Southwest Airlines.

You can find the Exhale Mind Body Spa in 17 different locations around the United States and the Caribbean, including the marvelous setting at the Epic Hotel in Miami, Florida. Their plan is to expand up to 50 spas that will offer the unique excellent service that only Exhale can provide.

Experience a journey to inner and outer well-being.

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