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A & E Pavilion Performance: Calling All Curious Individuals

By Michèle Bigler

Ladies and gentlemen of Miami were cordially invited to attend an intimate gathering organized by Canvas and Miami Independent Thinkers in honor of the up-and-coming Arts & Entertainment district and the cultural atmosphere that it promises. Tuesday, May 5th 2015 marked the final show to a three-date circus burlesque ensemble. 


Wondering what a burlesque circus entails? Then you’re in for a treat! The dancers rarely distinguished the audience as such by immediately tearing down the traditional fourth wall commonly associated with thespianism. Somewhere in between you had the pleasure of observing a sensual ballerina on roller-skates, tassel twirling lessons, an acrobat at his best, gender bending performances and a whole lot of provocation. But, not to worry, the satirical rendition managed to apply a seamless combination of mockery and elegance. The performers approached common taboos centered on sexuality with sultry humor, which proved to be quite refreshing.


Furthermore, the ringmaster that ran the show magnificently goaded the audience between scenes. He introduced an early act with a threatening chuckle as he presented, Milena Straczynski, whom he tauntingly menaced right into her enactment: “you’re never going to get out of the circus, you were born in the circus and you’re going to die in the circus.” The entire show transcended traditional definitions of “normal” with the obvious intention of making everyone feel welcome in the up and coming Arts & Entertainment district. Irrefutably, the underlying message encrypted in the Pavilion Vaudeville show is that A&E is the place to live because you can be anything.

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