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Adrienne Bosh: The Ultimate Cheerleader for Women – Cover Shoot



Excited for her cover photo shoot, Adrienne Bosh stepped into MSM studios and posed as photographer Imani Ogden snapped her picture. Music from Bosh’s personal iTunes library played over the speakers, and after a series of photos, she began to dance and laugh, lighting up both the camera and the room with her genuine warmth and positivity. This happy and positive attitude is what helped make Bosh the phenomenon she is today. As the wife of Miami Heat center and power forward Chris Bosh, mother of three, business owner, blogger, party planner, and active philanthropist, Bosh is so much more than meets the eye.

Born in Indiana, Bosh says her Midwestern upbringing provided her with a solid ground of morals that make her the person she is today. Raised by a single mother, she learned at a young age the importance of independence, a quality she hopes to now instill in her own children. “I love encouraging my children to be self-sufficient, and to become whatever it is they want to be,” says Bosh. As a mother to Dylan Skye and Jackson, and stepmother to Trinity, Bosh feels that motherhood has enriched her life in every sense. “My kids have taught me amazing patience, and they have taught me the importance of living in the moment.”

With her family as her number one priority, Bosh has also managed to create a movement so powerful that she has deeply impacted other families’ lives. In addition to holding the position of Vice President of Team Tomorrow Inc., a charitable organization founded by her husband, Bosh has made it her mission to encourage and empower women everywhere. She hosts an annual Mother’s Day brunch called Today I Can, which treats new and expectant mothers to a day of pampering and baby supplies. She has also chaired the Dress for Success Gala, an event that provides professional clothing and career development strategies to unemployed women in South Florida.AD BLACK DRESS FINAL copy_sm 

Apart from her philanthropic spirit, Bosh strives to provide multiple outlets for women to seek out when they are in need of fashion and health advice, laughter, or overall inspiration. Starting a blog on her website,, Bosh shares her own personal struggles and triumphs with her readers. “I feel like as a young woman, I didn’t have a lot of women share their secrets with me, their heartbreaks, their sad times, or their struggles,” says Bosh. “I just had to learn the hard way. I feel like we can do better as women to help equip the next woman sooner, faster, better. Those five minutes you take to talk to a young girl could change her life, and I just want to be able to do that.”

But perhaps her biggest venture yet will be the opening of her retail boutique and event venue, Sparkle and Shine Darling. Opening in May, Bosh has put her heart and soul into creating a space where women can gather to celebrate each other.

After her husband and closest girlfriends threw her a beautiful Parisian themed party in Paris for her 29th birthday, Bosh felt inspired to create a similar experience for Miami women. “My girlfriends spent months shopping to find these items from vintage stores and different themed stores. But they never found one store that sold all of these items,” says Bosh. “So when I came back from Paris, I really wanted to create a place where women could not only shop for items to celebrate these women, but also provide a place where they can have a beautiful occasion and party like the one my friends had given me.”

In providing multiple themes for any occasion, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, garden tea party, Gatsby champagne, and a Parisian rendezvous, Bosh wants to provide a space for customers to celebrate birthdays, graduations, baby and bridal showers, bachelorette parties and so much more. As far as the boutique’s name, Bosh wanted to incorporate her love of “sparkling and shining,” while also receiving a little help from her husband. “My whole theory behind sparkling and shining is that if you are totally confident, and totally okay with how you are shining and sparkling in life, then you will succeed. But I added darling because that’s my husband’s nickname for me. He’s from Texas and he’s very southern. So he always says ‘whatever you want to eat, darling,’ or ‘whatever you want, darling.’ So the darling came from him,” says Bosh. “At the end of the day, I want my darlings to feel the same way when my husband calls me darling. I want my darlings to feel loved, supported, encouraged, and confident. Because when my husband calls me darling, I feel all of those things.”

Bosh also envisions her boutique as not only a place to host and celebrate occasions, but to throw events to bring communities of women together. “My goal is to have this as a space for any event meant to encourage women,” says Bosh. “Whether it’s a women’s entrepreneur night, a book club night, or new moms’ night, I want to provide a space where women can come together and support each other,” says Bosh. “It’s much more than a store, it’s a movement.”

As Bosh’s interview comes to a close, she makes sure to thank every person in the room before leaving, showing that she truly lives and breathes everything she encourages. An example for women not only living in Miami, but women everywhere, Bosh is the epitome of a darling whose sparkle and shine will never go out.

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