Bashing My Diet, One Burger at a Time

Thank God for shift dresses! …No Really. Amanda Uprichard is my new best friend; without her loosely-hanging silk mini, I would not be able to attest to the sheer awesomeness of Burger Bash SOBEWFF 2013.

Let’s be clear: this event is not for the faint of dieting [South-Floridian] heart—though there is a booth called “The South Beach Diet” (cumin-turkey burger with cilantro-feta wrapped in a pita… actually pretty damn good!)—No… Instead, it is 500 yards of grill-blazing, meat-mashing, bun-slapping chowtime; and if there is one thing that I love more than a shift dress…it’s a burger.

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By Reagan Lightsey, MSM Contributing Editor

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