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Because your look does matter! Tonya Seavers-Evans

By Sandra Mateu

“When you look at a Tiffany box you see uniqueness, exquisiteness and quality without even opening the box,” a metaphor Tonya Seavers-Evans uses to explain her job as a Style Strategist. The box speaks to you while closed and your overall appearance should do the same for you. That is why Tonya passionately works “teaching clients how to marry style with a powerful message.”

The magic started during a business trip when the airline lost her boss’s luggage. With meetings to attend and nothing to wear, her boss desperately asked for help. Tonya who always had a passion for fashion happily embarked in this unusual mission. Tonya went shopping and put together an amazing wardrobe that not only saved the trip, but that surpassed all expectations. Tonya knew then that her love for style had become her new career path.

Today, Tonya Seavers-Evans is a Miami-based image consultant that helps professionals and celebrities align their inner talents with a sharp powerful image. She teaches clients everything from how to clean out closets, how to organize them, and how to come up with the right outfits for every occasion. To accomplish this, Tonya offers figure and style sessions, color analysis, personal shopping, personal style solutions, and more.

“This is not a cookie cutter process. This is an enhancement of the self,” said Tonya Seavers-Evans. She believes that personality is an extremely important element for a unique result. She also considers public speaking skills and business etiquette key for a successful overall package.

Now that the holidays have arrived, Tonya shared with Miami Shoot Magazine some important tips when fixing your closet for the New Year: “First, take out all pieces you haven’t worn in a year. A good trick is to move the hangers the opposite way every time you use an item. At the end of the year you can donate all pieces that haven’t been moved. Second, you can take out all pieces that need to be repaired and take them to an alterations shop. Third, once the black-tie events are over you can place all gowns in a different room to have more space in your closet.”

Remember that style “IS” important and that it speaks for you. “Styling is an everyday thing. It will help you in the competitive world we live in, to find a job or move up in your organization,” said Tonya.



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