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Beyoncé Launches Activewear Line for Women

By Gisel Habibnejad

By now everyone should know that Beyoncé has just dropped an exclusive activewear line for women proving that you too can be fierce at the gym. The line, Ivy Park, was co-founded by Sir Phillip Green and will be available online and select Nordstrom stores (locally, Dadeland Mall) on April 14th.

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While it is primarily used for active environments, the line is designed to be used outside of active uses so you can look and feel great no matter what. The brand itself takes all women into consideration by providing pieces “for all women of all body types, all sizes, and all price-points.”

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The brand’s mission is to empower the importance of strength, wellness, and health over outer beauty. It is comprised of 200 pieces that come in three sizes in order to satisfy maximum comfort: the I, the V, and the Y.

For more information, please visit &

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