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Breast Augmentation: Which Implant Is Best For Me?


By Dr. Johnny Franco MD

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Breast augmentation was the most common cosmetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons in 2013 with almost 300,000 augmentations and this number continues to grow every year. It has become so popular as patients are extremely happy and the recovery is very easy.

The hardest part of the process for women is deciding what implant size they wish to be after the augmentation. Patients most commonly say that they want to be the infamous “full C” or that they just want to be “natural but full.” These terms are not very descriptive and can mean a lot things to different people. I once had a patient tell me she wanted to be natural and then sent me a picture of Pamela Anderson as an example of what she wanted to look like after the surgery.

There are several ways that I help patients decide which implant is best for them as no one implant is perfect for everyone. One of the benefits that women have today that was not available to them 10 years ago is the large range of options in implants. The first thing I have patients do when they are trying to decide on implants is actually try the implants on with bra and tank top. This gives patients a real feel for the size and weight of the actual implants.

The newest method for helping patients decide on the correct implant is 3D imaging. This technology allows a patient to have her picture taken and then a virtual simulation is done so that the patient can see what they would look like with various implants. This is a great option if you don’t have a twin sister that has already had a breast augmentation as implants look different from patient to patient.

The virtual technology allows the patient and surgeon to have a discussion about the look and size they desire after the procedure. The virtual simulations are available to patients after the consultation so that they can go back and look at the different virtual images for each size they are contemplating. Patients can view the images on their home computer, ipad or smart phone.

Technology continues to make breast augmentation easier for patients. 3D imaging has improved the process for patients making the decision on what implant much easier.


Johnny Franco MD

Miami Plastic Surgery

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