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Sleepless in Miami? Or Anywhere? 6 Tips for a Very Common Problem

By Nadja Atwal / Photo by Sergey Mironov – Shutterstock Everyone  has a friend or a family member with sleep issues. And if you yourself are one of the many millions who wished for a more restful night, then please know the issue already starts with the wrong idea of how many hours of sleep we need; as a result we force all kinds of unnatural schedules on ourselves. “People need around six hours of sleep, as adults, to feel well rested.” says Dr, Adam Zuber, one of the top sleep experts and neurologists in the US. “However the reality is people will force themselves to sleep longer, but after the six hours of rest, they wake up and cannot go back to sleep. Sleep consolidation, a term that means organizing ones sleep to an optimal level, is an accepted measure to treat insomnia and restless sleep. Sleep consolidation is not a term commonly known or heard of, by most non sleep specialists.  As sleep specialists we recommend limiting the total time in bed to six hours.  Meaning if one’s natural wakeup time is 6 AM then one should go to bed at 12 Midnight.  This pattern of sleep helps a person fall asleep easily and treat insomnia. Sleep consolidation also increases Non Rem sleep.  Non Rem sleep is the critical part of a human’s sleep cycle. About 80% of the sleep cycle is Non Rem sleep, it is the period when short term memory is converted to long term memory.  That is why people who have insomnia, sleep apnea and restless sleep, have poor memory and complain of not remembering things readily, this can also lead to having difficulty with job performance and productivity.   Apply these tips for getting closer to that perfect sleep:   The caffeine trap “Decaf is a lie”, says Dr. Zuber “ It does contain caffeine, just less that regular coffee, but enough to keep many people up at night. So next when you want to finish your dinner with a decaf latte, opt for a relaxing pure herbal tea instead, like Camomille or lemon ginger. Just make sure the tea has no black nor green tea base.   Choose blue No one wants to stumble while making that trip to the bathroom by night, but stay away from white nightlight . “White light wakes you up. Instead choose blue light in order to stay more relaxed and able to fall asleep again”, says the doctor.   The pillow The right pillow that does not only give you a great level of comfort , but also serves as an anti-snoring pillow and anti-teeth grinding device. For side sleepers only, there is the Sonoma Pillow, for those you variate their sleeping position, try the super pillow. “On top of that the NASA developed material and the unique shape these are also beauty pillows, as it puts your face in a position that keeps the skin from creasing.”, Dr. Zuber praises. Over 6 million Superpillows have been sold and the reviews are impressive. Worth a try !   The alcohol factor Lke a nice glass of red before bed to make you sleepy? Zuber shakes his head.” Try to avoid that habit. While alcohol does make it easier to to fall asleep, it makes it harder to stay asleep.” Often patients wake up earlier than they would without alcohol in their system.   Keep it cool Especially during the  colder season of the the year we tend to get to cozy with the heater. But a warm room interferes with your chance of better sleep. “68 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for a goodnight sleep”, Zuber advises.    Unwind time Many of us feel light anxiety, even stress when thinking about all the things we have to take care of the next day. Dr. Zuber has a solution :” You should always unwind already 30minutes before going to sleep. To make it relaxing and productive at the same time, take a pen and write down all the thing you have to do tomorrow. With this trick it’s ‘done’ in your mind and you don’t have go over it endless times at night .

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Latest trends in Plastic Surgery and Skin Care explained by Dr. Jhonny Salomon

By Karen Huggins Miami is famous for its beautiful people as well as its beautiful beaches, but it is also a popular destination for medical tourism and plastic surgery. Firm skin and a youthful appearance are something a lot of us take for granted in our twenties because we feel like we will look this good for years. We all age eventually, it’s a natural process that no one can escape. The eyes are one of the first things people see when they look at someone. No one wants their eyes to look tired or droopy. Depending on factors such as genetics, sun damage, diet, skincare, and smoking, the eyes can be one of the first places to show signs of aging. My mom has beautiful skin and always told me to drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen daily, eat a diet rich in antioxidants, and use quality skincare products. Hoping to delay the visible signs of aging in my 30’s it is time to do a little bit more for this area of my body. I wanted to share with you the latest techniques for skin care (especially eyes) and plastic surgery, so I decided to visit Dr. Jhonny Salomon, an eminent and one of the best Plastic Surgeons in Miami. His love for the arts made him a talented musician, painter and photographer, and his intelligence, a leader in his field: Plastic Surgery. The Plastic Surgeon is similar to an artist, aiming for the finest results using a palette of the latest, most advanced medical and surgical techniques. Cosmetic Surgery isn’t always a straightforward procedure, but rather a cultivation of various fine adjustments, similar to the creation of art. It is for this reason, that Dr. Jhonny Salomon approaches each surgical procedure with love and a deep artistic point of view. Dr. Jhonny Salomon’s work has been recognized and published in famous magazines and newspapers around the world: Vogue, Vanidades, Haute Living, Ocean Drive among others. Dr. Jhonny Salomon’s Plastic Surgery office is located in Miami, Florida. The center includes an outstanding Medical Spa handling non-surgical procedures including Botox and Restylane injections, medical peels, laser hair removal, and tattoo removal, among several other treatments. It is my second year doing the under-eyelid procedure with Dr. Jhonny and I loved it! My dark circles disappeared and my skin under the eyelid improved in an amazing way. KH – Dr. Jhonny, could you describe the latest trends in Plastic Surgery and other Procedures? JS – Recently and for 2020 the trend is being more natural. In Plastic Surgery many patients that had their breast implants in the 90’s wants to reduce them or remove them. More natural results with techniques removing the fat and then using the fat to rebuild other parts of the body. The other trend is with BBL for more natural results and body contouring. When the fat is removed, there is a new trend to reuse it to build up the chest (for man), for the chin/jawline and cheeks (for woman). People are looking for more natural results in plastic surgery and custom made procedures. Trends not being performed: texture implants, now smoother implants. People are looking for custom procedures and not overall procedures, we don’t want to have the same nose as others. KH – Are you offering new permanent procedures? JS – Fillers are lasting longer (one and a half years or almost 2 years for some of them).  With the Fat Grafting procedure, using your own fat can be used as a permanent filler for other areas such as cheeks and chin. For small amounts of Fat Grafting you don’t need general anesthesia, it is done under local anesthesia. In the U.S. we don’t have permanent fillers approved by the FDA. We also have other procedures at the spa: anti cellulite, weight loss, muscle building, laser for the skin, skin pen, full facial department (HydraFacial, facial peels). Dr. Jhonny Salomon created his own skin care line that can be incorporated into your wellness and maintenance regime. Follow Karen Huggins on Instagram @KarenHuggins_blog

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Nick Jonas And John Varvatos Launch Fragrance With Fan Meet & Greet At Macy’s In Aventura Mall

International menswear designer John Varvatos and Macy’s celebrated the launch of the latest John Varvatos and Nick Jonas fragrance, JVxNJ Silver Edition, at Macy’s Aventura this week. An award-winning creative collaboration between renowned international menswear designer John Varvatos and musician and actor Nick Jonas, JVxNJ Silver Edition is a fresh, effervescent and exhilarating fragrance that transports you and captures the moment when you can truly let go and relax. The first 200 customers who purchased a JVxNJ Silver Edition fragrance at Macy’s Aventura received special access to a meet & greet with John Varvatos and Nick Jonas. The fragrance and more information are available at Photo Credit: Alex Tamargo

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BIRTHDAY’S THIS WEEK: Joanna Krupa Turns 40 on April 23rd ??

  By Nadja Atwal Joanna Krupa has graced over 300 magazine covers over the years worldwide – and many titles: “most beautiful supermodel of the world”, “sexiest swimsuit model”, even “sexiest woman” Parallel to modeling acting and TV hosting she has always dedicated plenty of time and action to help the weakest link in society – animals. As a result, PETA featured her in countless campaigns : from anti-fur to anti-zoo and gave her several awards. Blessed with beauty and fame Krupa has always stayed humble and never believed the world owed her anything for being pretty. She is a hard worker and has her priorities straight: Family comes first. After her first marriage failed she felt luck that she found new loved with Hollywood film and TV producer Douglas Nunes. Now happily married again and eager to start her own family, Krupa does not fear but welcomes the big 40 with open arms. And why shouldn’t she ,since also her career is busier than ever. Just 2018 BILD newspaper named her one of the top Instagram stars, she has been successfully hosting Poland’s Next Top Model for years, has her own lingerie line Esotique, shoots movies and is praised by the media as a trendsetter and fashion icon. She also has successfully been running her own animal charity Angels For Animals that rescues pets and places them with new owners.  The beautiful blonde spoke exclusively with us about beauty, fitness and what really matters to her on life. Joanna, you are living proof that 40 is the new 25 (and without a facelift), but please don’t tell us it’s just drinking water that makes you look this fantastic…                Thank you thats very sweet and a huge compliment  …..I have always taken care of my skin since I was in High School, as my mom always told me how important it is to keep your skin moisturized which will help in slowing down the aging process…..As the years went by I stuck to that and growing up I didn’t spend a lot of money on face creams as I think  most of them of them are overrated and just a marketing tool. There are a few products I value and therefor put my name behind in. On the Skincare front I really like Elphia Beauty, since it’s innovative, effective and cruelty free. Every skin is different, but mine is more on the dry side – so the rich serum is perfect for me and camomile ingredient calms my skin down after days full of travel and TV make up. I also use the Elphia exfoliating gel to get rid of any makeup build up and dead skin and after that  I apply the serum to give me extra moisturizing and anti-aging nutrients . Oh and I never go to bed without putting Lucas Papaw ointment on which feels like Vaseline ( I used Vaseline most of my life under the eyes until I learned they test on animals) and I have used it for years to prevent any creases during sleep and I also never sleep with my face in the pillow as it will cause wrinkles ..Instead I position my pillow so my head is resting on it not my face….As a general take :I believe you have to care for your skin from an early age on though and also teach your children to take care of it and why its important – just like my mother did.You do love the beach, but you are not the ‘bake in the sun type’ , so how do you manage?  I love going to the beach indeed,  but I always cover my face by wearing a hat and sunglasses and tons of sunscreen..I spray tan my body so that way I don’t scare people away with my Casper the ghost natural skin color, but Its worth it because it definitely helps with the aging process.They say Vitamin D – which sun provides – is good for you and I agree, but there is no reason to bake in the sun for hours and not use sun protection as those people will regret it a few years later and wIll be looking for the magic potion that just doesn’t exist to undo all that skin damage….   We love about you that you are a woman  who likes to enjoy life and is not a gym rat necessarily. What are  is your fitness and well-being advice?  I enjoy going to the gym a couple to a few times a week and love hiking those beautiful hills in LA and I have do those spinning classes with friends occasionally . So I am active to keep my metabolism going, but I am definitely not obsessed with fitness. It has never been my goal nor my career to look like a  fitness chick. I always loved to have a feminine body over the “ all lean and muscles” type and that is what my career was all about.I can’t imagine my life going to the gym everyday for hours and doing all these crazy protein shakes etc .I love to live life and enjoy every moment cause you never know when it will end. Why worry about the things you cant change is my motto….Be the best you can be without killing yourself…maintain a healthy diet, but if you feel like having that piece of chocolate go for it…I never tell myself no..I just have learned over the years how to adjust my calories. If  I am craving some sweets and I decide to have some then I would eat less of a lunch or a dinner to balance out my daily calorie intake…Balance and moderation is key, so you also have to have discipline just like with anything in life.  Some people have breakfast, some skip it, but what is your preferred first meal of the day?  It all depends..sometimes I wake up and I am not hungry

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Shop on V-Day! Spoil yourself with our editor’s picks

Our 5 top picks to enhance your life and looks.   It’s Valentines Day madness again and most of us get nothing or not what we want on this popular day. Flowers are wonderful, but only last a few days …and I know no Miami beach babe that gets excited over a box of chocolate. No matter, if single or happily together with someone, V-day is a great day to take action and shop for what you really want and what really works. Here our picks.   1.) A little game changer for your daily routine. Heard about Calm? It’s a fantastic App that helps you get through your stressful days via delivering  the right components to relax you, help you sleep and even assist with your meditation.The 5 star rating in the App store is well deserved and it was named one of the best Apps of 2018. Give it a try and feel calm. 2.) We have been testing it for a while now and know that Supermodel Joanna Krupa is not just posing for this brand, but really using it. Of course, we can not expect to right away look over a decade younger like Krupa does, but we are impressed with the steady progress our skin has been making with Elphia. First there is that “wow” effect when you apply the peeling (feels like a light gel) and within seconds your dead skin comes off. No scrubbing, no redness, just smooth skin like a baby’s bum. Then you follow up with the serum; it is rich and really nourishes your skin with too many good ingredients to mention. Your skin will love you for this. 3.) When our hair gets thinner, we panic. And rightfully so. But in a jungle full of empty promises it is hard to find a good bang for your hard earned buck. Now one product from Germany has been making waves recently with an impressive amount of studies from top institutes and universities around the globe. Factor Hair (out in a “for him “ and a “for her” version) promises to regrow hair and it actually does. All that you need  is some patience and daily applying. And please no more shampoos and conditioners with silicon. How can anything good penetrate into your scalp, if you covered it with plastic before? Exactly….   4.) Katarina van Derham is one of those renaissance women that is a jack of all trades and master of several. The successful entrepreneur who runs several beauty lines, a magazine (Viva Glam Magazine) and several fashion websites started out as a hair and make up artist to the stars. Parallel she was highly requested as a model and always got bombarded with compliments on her own make up. Especially her Brigitte Bardot like lip looks. Van Derham wanted to help women to find those lip colors that simply look great on anyone and desired to combine it with the right amount of staying power and shine. Et voila, the result is LA Splash Glamour Garden. The little collection of gorgeous fluid lipsticks is as divine as is the lovely box it comes with. A true self reward… Of course everyone of your girls will love you for a gift like this as well whenever, wherever. 5.) Last but not least something that presents itself as a shortcut  to having an overall happier life. We all have heard of the “Law of Attraction”. But asking the universe for what we want can be a long, tiring process in itself for many. While there is no gain without some pain, there is a way to speed up the good process. The highly praised book “Advanced Law Of Attraction Techniques”  by Eddie Coronado claims to be present the  fastest way to manifest your desires by implementing a Law of Attraction Action Plan. The book delivers very simple, smart mental exercises and solid advice that leads you to a better way to manifest and achieve what you want.    

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Mosh – The Art of Seduction

  By Nadja Atwal / Glam and Photographed by Troy Jensen @itstroyjensen Around 10 years ago there was a shift in the modeling world. Instead of being eager to fill their model books with high fashion editorials, smart models hired a publicist and focused on building their name. Men’s magazines favored the commercial looking beauty over the skinny catwalk models and eventually no industry could resist that trend. In the recent years another model sector started to boom. Some call it retro modeling, others simply ‘alternative’. Gorgeous girls that flaunt their curves with stunning dresses and make up that remind us  Hollywood’s best days with Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth or Jean Harlow. Brands like Stop Staring!  or Pinup Girl Clothing became trendsetters with the revival of the 40s and 50s dresses.  And again the high fashion world had not choice but to adapt and embrace. One model that has emerged as the new superstar in this new glamorous movement is a stunning talent – and she simply goes by the name MOSH . The petite blonde bombshell bedazzles the masses with her looks, personality and contortion talent. After seeing her latest fashion shoot in the new Harpers Bazaar Mexico issue and all her mind blowing shots on her Instagram, we reached out to Mosh to ask her if she wanted to be our new cover star. Not only was she happy to accommodate, but also chatted with us a bit about, well, just read on … It’s always interesting to find out how it all started, which stepping stone became a turning point in one’s career. In your case it was …? The Model Mayhem website where models took matters into their own hands and networked directly with photographers and expanded their diversity of work. It was a new and unique platform that enabled me to take my career to another level.   Beauty with brains…. Yet especially at that time society didn’t believe much in that concept. The general judgement was and often still is “ If you have the beauty, you can not possibly have the brains”… Still they had to acknowledge female  tycoons like Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, beautiful smart women who built impressive empires.    I’m sure they weren’t exactly friends, right? (laughs) Oh they were the most bitter rivals – even though they never met. One would  hire the staff member  the other had  just fired. I read a great book about their relationship called “ War Pain” .   Sounds “lovely”… Shows that it was pre #MeeToo movement. Well it’s easy to help someone much weaker than you , but strong women looking out for strong women, that’s still a challenge for many today. But #MeToo has indeed united us in a way though that we do not accept anymore when people in power feel they have the upper hand and can use in any way they desire. Those times are over. Next chapter in the book about women must be about us getting generally better at helping each other instead of tearing each other down.   Very true. Well, we love strong women here at Miami Shoot Magazine – and especially multitalented ones! Since you don’t just pose but entertain, what does a show with Mosh look like? You feel like you are diving into different eras via my costumes … Then of course I use my background as a competitive gymnast for the contortion aspect of my show.   So the perfect body with the perfect costumes with the perfect moves and poses. Just divine! Now we women all look at your photos in those high end magazines or instagram and we sigh: “how does she get hair to be like this …? What does she use to make her skin so flawless?”  We need some details here, please. Surely there are some products I recommend. I  use Guerlain lipsticks for their outstanding colors and texture, the jet-black eyeliner, brow pencils from Clinique and to get that matte, even look, I swear by the powder from Caron Paris. When it comes to hair I love how W8less hairspray delivers this combination of a fine mist and strong hold. If you want to try the platin blond look like me, give Phyto shampoo ‘for grey, white and platinblond hair’ a shot. It’s fantastic. But most importantly: you gotta decide to unleash your creativity. Enjoy! Instagram: Officiallymosh / Glam and Photos by Troy Jensen @itstroyjensen    GET THE COVER LOOK:   LE TEINT ULTRA TENUE Ultrawear Flawless Foundation  in Rose Beige   LE CORRECTEUR DE CHANEL Longwear Colour Corrector in Correcteur Rose   LE SIGNE DU LION Illuminating Powder   POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE Natural Finish Loose Powder in Clair Translucent 1   JOUES CONTRASTE Powder Blush in Rose Glacier   Brows: Dior’s Dior Backstage Brow Palette in Light Palette- Diorshow Brow Styler in 001 Universal Brown, DIORSHOW BOLD BROW Instant volumizing brow mascara in 011 Light.    On Eyes: Jouer Cosmetic’s Jet-Set Eye Bundle includes Essential Jet-Set Matte Eyeshadow Palette   Kitten Liner Liquid Eyeliner    Faux Lashes by Feather Lashes in Style Luna.  Mascara: Dior Diorshow Black Out in 099 Kohl Black.   On lips: Troy Jensen “Starlet Muse” Lipstick Collection. Mosh is wearing “Siren” With Angel Lipgloss on top. Both available at Three Custom.       

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Miami Beach Goddess Guide

  Looking your best on the beach means a fabulous tan, a dashing outfit and “ I’m loving life” attitude. After talking to some of our favorite celebs and one of America’s top beauty experts, plus some serious self-testing, here are our 5 steps to make you shine on the beach. 1 ) GOLD The moment the sun visibly kissed your skin, (yellow) gold is the metal that compliments your skin the best. So put on that necklace, have fun with a belly chain or simply sport some golden hoop earrings to channel your inner JLO. Swimwear designer Monica Hansen bedazzled her models with gorgeous little gold accessories from ear to toe. We can’t get enough of it! If you like statement pieces, check Lea Blacks accessories  ( her bestseller, the butterfly gold cuff, is a must have).   2.) EXFOLIATE To get and keep an even tan that glows. Scrubbing aggravates the already sensitive sun-exposed summer skin. Elphia delivers the dreamboat we have been waiting for: You apply the gel-like lotion and while softly rubbing it in, the dead skin comes right of  – within seconds. Yes, seconds. Even beach bunnies with sensitive skin love it and the result is smooth skin that is ready for more fun in the sun. It’s anti-aging ingredients also help keeping your skin healthy and happy. Our August covergirl Joanna Krupa is a fan, she told us. “My skin is very sensitive, so I needed something that is non-irritating while still showing real results. “ And yes, we too love what it does for our skin. Especially when following up with the serum that is loaded with great nutrients.   3.) BLOCK Dr. Garth Fisher is often called ” the Kardashian’s beauty doc” but has been world famous as a plastic surgeon for over 2 decades already.  We gave him a call about his new beauty breakthrough product DOCBLOCK and learned a few things :“Sun exposure doesn’t just create wrinkles or negatively affects pigmentation”, says Fisher. ” It also affects the skin’s elasticity, means it can lead to skin sagging. So it’s essential to protect your skin at all times.” And since a true sun goddess doesn’t like any sun block residue on her skin, nor a load of chemicals (that we sadly find in most known sunscreens), Fisher delivers also on that front. “Our product has a unique blend of ingredients, so it’s actually good for your skin, plus it’s very blendable, so you feel comfortable using it as a daily moisturizer.” So no chalkiness, no white cast. And given that it has the perfect SPF 55 and works well as a make up base, it is no wonder this product is so loved by photographers and models for beach shoots.    4.) ENHANCE & EXTEND  ….your golden color.  Bellini is a bestselling, anti-aging self-tanner from Europe that works in record time. After 15 minutes you already see the first result, which intensifies over the next 24 hours, yet always looks natural. On top of that it’s loaded with anti-aging ingredients and smells divine.   5.) YELLOW ….is the color that can make you look ill when you are tan-less and gorgeously vital after a few days in the sun. It’s the color of this season (and the next), so go and get your sunny one-piece or bikini and enjoy the good vibes that come with it.

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Top Fashion Blogger Karen Huggins Shares Her Favorite Miami Styles

I am Karen! A Venezuelan who spends as much time as possible on her greatest passion: traveling and exploring new things. What I love most are the people I meet and the way every place expresses fashion. It’s about discovering, feeling and living experiences, getting out of your comfort zone and enjoying the great adventure that life is.   Since I was a kid, I was obsessed with traveling the world that’s why I decided to study International Foreign Affairs. Traveling is the best way to learn and educate ourselves.    I have been living abroad since October 2007, taking a piece of every place in my heart: from Barcelona the beautiful multicultural philosophy, from Madrid the joy, from Argentina the passion, from Miami the sunshine state of mind and from Venezuela (my country) the latin flavor.   Fashion is my passion and I decided to create my personal blog on July 2017 in order to share with people my style ideas, travel tips and insights around the world. I want to highlight that fashion is for everyone, mixing high-street with high-fashion and most importantly, that style is all about being effortless chic.   I’m based in Miami since 2014 and would love to show you a list with my 5 favorite styles for Miami:   BBQ day: The weather in Miami is hot half of the year so I like to wear a light maxi dress, wedge sandals or mules (when in doubt for dresses and shoes). Brunch: I like the classic and girly style so I will go with shorts and a  statement tank top – can be paired with high heels espadrilles and a tote bag  (I`m obsessed with the Artisan of IQ handbags and earrings )  Date night: a Black dress is always a good idea, I like the classic style for a date.   Events: I love Blazers and if I can wear them as a dress.. better! I pick a colorful blazer dress and elegant sandals, I would add statement earrings.  Now as for beach wear, I love the unique prints and designs from Camilla and Agua de Coco Swimsuits and beachwear (check their popular instagram @aguadecoc). Don’t forget your sunglasses  sunglasses and hat! My 5 favorite beauty products to go with it: Sunscreen: SPF 50 every day on the face Serum:La Prairie Anti-Aging Rapid Response (it`s amazing how it erases dark spots and little blemish scars) Hydratate cream:La Prairie Interception Power Duo (Day-Night) BB Cream Dior: Dior Hydra Life BB Cream (the secret for a flawless skin in one product) Mascara: I always used luxury lines mascaras because I thought they were the best but once I found NYX Worth the Hype Mascara (recommended by an amazing makeup artist @dannymiamipower), I was amazed. Lip liner: Maybelline Nude lip Liner.    Check Karen’s blog  and follow her on instagram @karenhuggins_blog

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Travel Talk with Lea Black

If Miami had a queen, it would be Lea Black. Smart, regal, powerful, classy and (luckily we live in America) stylish! Our favorite renaissance woman shines with IQ and EQ – so obviously we cared for her take on traveling and caught up with her just before she took off on a trip to LA … Lea Black:  Travel is usually stressful for most people. Some people love the travel part and others just love the getting there part. I’m the just get there girl. The airports, airplanes, preparation, scheduling, packing, carting the luggage around part is not something I enjoy, in fact I dread it.  But what is more exciting than being somewhere fabulous on a trip, especially a luxury trip? So, for me I like to keep it simple and basic. Travel light. Take things that are easily interchangeable, mix and match, comfortable yet chic. Items that don’t need a lot of fuss, that would be the ironing or steaming thing.  So here’s my plan… For clothes, a little black dress, a pair of black slacks, a pair of jeans, some casually elegant tops and shoes that will go with any of it, like a pair of basic pumps for night, platforms for day and a comfortable pair of walking shoes. If you have a basic blazer that goes with everything that’s an easy upgrade from a casual look, especially when you add the jewelry and a scarf. Add your undies and pj’s and you’re all set.  Depending on the length of travel, I may take a couple of extra slacks or tops, but always things that I can mix and match which will make for several outfits. Pack a few scarfs that go with everything, a day handbag and a night handbag, and maybe a clutch. A gorgeous scarf worn in an elegant style will make any outfit highly styled. Sometimes I take or wear a belt.  For accessories, sunglasses, perhaps a hat that packs well and the entire wardrobe will fit in a carry bag. The night hand bag will fit in the day bag and I carry that on the plane in my tote bag along with any cash or jewelry and identification. If traveling internationally convert a few dollars into local currency in advance so when you arrive you have cab fare, tipping or any miscellaneous items you might want to pick up on the way to the hotel.  Add a stunning pair of sunglasses and you’re all set.  Don’t laugh, but if I’ve used items I know I won’t use again for the duration, like things that need cleaning or items I’ve purchased along the way, I fold/ pack them nicely and put in a small box I have the concierge at the hotel provide when I check in and the day before I leave I have my pre paid ground Fedex label ready to put on the box and drop it off at the concierge, usually to arrive about two days after I’m home. This lightens my return luggage and allows a little extra space for any last minute purchases.  I’ve found if I roll items verses fold them in my carry on, they’re far less wrinkled and usually don’t require much steaming. But if they do, the quick easy remedy is to put on a clothes hanger and hang in the bathroom and turn on the hot water in the shower and the wrinkles steam right out. For jewelry, and yes, I’m an addict. I only take the Fine jewelry that I can wear unless it’s a long trip. And if I do take a few extra small pieces they are usually safety pinned inside my bra or on my person, (I have been known to wear two watches at once on a plane, hidden under long sleeves or a necklace and pearls, hidden under a scarf). But be aware of what might set the security alarm off and if a concern put in a small bag inside your handbag and as soon as I get through security, I head to the restroom with my secret jewelry plan. My jewelry is safer on  me than in my handbag. And if I have to exit in a hurry, I won’t need to try to grab my jewelry while exiting the plane. In addition I usually pack a few pieces of fashion jewelry, depending where I’m going and length of trip I may just wear or carry mostly fashion/ costume pieces. Earrings, necklace or pearls and cuff, is all you need if you wear a ring and keep it on. Never ever take off a ring to wash your hands. Only take it off to put away or to clean.  And the second I get to the hotel- I lock my good pieces in the room safe unless I’m wearing them. When I book my hotel, I require three things: a no smoking room, a tub, and a secure safe. Other than that I just try to go with the flow.  Cosmetics and toiletries;  I have pre packed at all times in a small clear bag the basics, a new unwrapped tooth brush and tooth paste. My daily skin care routine that is about a three – minute regime a night and a one-two minute regime every morning. I of course use the LeaBlackBeauty facial wash every morning and every night. Followed by the LeaBlack serum day and night. I use the LeaBlack Intensive Moisturizer Lotion under my make up in the morning and the Lea Black Beauty Intensive Moisture Creme at night. This keeps my skin completely hydrated and keeps my skin and pores clean. To help keep the pores small and unclogged and my skin buffed and with a glow, I use the LeaBlackBeauty Exfoliator. This is my Miracle Secret that I use two to three times a week to scrub off the old cells and deep cleanse the pores. That’s my daily skincare regime quick and easy – 5

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JOANNA KRUPA 2.0  Miami’s Favorite Supermodel Keeps Getting Better

  [pro_ad_display_adzone id=”10494″] Hypnotizing lashes by Joanna Krupa Photographer: @MarcinSowa   Hair & Make up: Tony Yates Interviewed by Nadja Atwal Joanna Krupa is one of those few women I have enjoyed having in my life for many many years. One rarely finds people who have a big heart and big personality (and all that wrapped up in stunning looks). What always impressed me most with her was what a quick learner she has always been. I recall a million dollar charity poker tournament she entered many moons ago organized by Trump. She was one of the very few celebrities there who had never played before, but still wanted to do it and simply got a mini crash course on site. Naturally neither Jojo (how many of her friends call her) nor I had any expectations for her to make it even to the 2nd round. Well, … she won the whole damn thing  – for a great cause –  and next thing I know she was playing at the World Series of Poker in Vegas as one of the last celebrities standing. On the contrary, many young models I meet today who not only bore me to tears but also offend me with their I-am-hot-so-gimme attitude, Joanna never had a sense of entitlement just because she was beautiful. She always impressed with a humble, cordial, dependable, hard working personality … unlike many people from LA she is on time! Her family values are profound and rare and most of her friends have been with her for too many years to count. Her love for animals goes way beyond showing up for some charity event – which is really all that most celebs invest. Krupa has put her reputation on the line to make a stand for animals via controversial PETA campaigns or confronting celebrities who make business with selling or wearing fur products.  She would rescue dogs from shelters, keep as many as she could in her house and others she would raise funds for to pay for their needed surgeries and put them with new owners (for that matter I encourage you to check out her charity site Last but not least on the looks front she has become even more beautiful and is busier than ever as a model, host and business woman. Of course, like all of us she has had her fair share of tough life lessons. Her latest one was the divorce from husband Miami Businessman Romain Zago. But while others would have likely used this experience as an excuse to become bitter or drown in self-pity, Joanna simply turned lemons into lemonade. I spoke with her exclusively about life, loss and lessons learned. NA: You had a lot of changes in the last 12 months to put it mildly … JK: Oh yes, my life changed drastically. From being with someone for 10 years to a separation and divorce to being engaged to my new love not even a year later to now planning a family … NA: That is beyond a lot … especially since a divorce always feels a like a loss, as obviously the idea was to stay together forever when you tied the knot … JK: Definitely, I felt initially that my world was falling apart. But shock and sadness quickly turned into gratefulness. I am so grateful to have had such a best friend for so many years, cause that’s what Romain was and we are still close friends today. Our marriage was a great learning experience and made us both better in the end. The divorce also made me look at life differently; it was a wake up call, because while my career was and is important, I needed to be serious about family planning, if I wanted children. So I would have to adjust my life accordingly. And suddenly my biggest fear was: what if I didn’t find the right person to start a family with? Thankfully it was in my stars to meet the right person. And rather quickly!  I followed the very advice that I preach to others: be positive, love yourself, learn from every experience and apply that knowledge.  NA: How is your life now? And have your priorities changed at all? JK: My life is great right now. Overall I have always been a happy person and grateful for what I have. I think I became a better, stronger person though and yes, my priorities have changed … I love my work, but my significant other comes first and I want to be a mother. It helps that my fiancée lives in LA, like I do. During my last marriage we were apart too often and I learned from that to not repeat that long distance relationship model again.  NA: As if being in LA and Miami wasn’t enough, you have created a triangle that involves Poland where you have been the host of Poland ’s Next Top Model for many years. Still going strong? JK: Yes and I’m so very thankful for being the host and a judge on this amazing show. We are now filming the 7th season and I guess it’s one of the highest rated shows in Poland because we always keep it fresh with new challenges for the contestants and we‘ve had lots of international filming. Plus unlike several other talent shows where the contestants don’t get many opportunities afterwards, ours provides the contestants with real opportunities to work in the fashion and entertainment industry. And the audience keeps following the next steps that those contestants take. Our show has real success stories. NA: What other projects are on the horizon ? JK: I’m getting more and more involved in the business side of things that I’m passionate about. The cover shoot is featuring my line of false lashes, for example. I’ll be launching a few more products, one has to do with fitness and another with a very innovative skincare.  Then another project with, of course, animals is coming up. So stay tuned and follow me on social media, as it

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“Beachwear and Beachbody “ By Nadja Atwal

 Our former cover star Monica Hansen tells us her tips to navigate through this summer in shape and in style. The former top model has become THE new star of swimwear design again. Sports Illustrated chose several of her designs for their new Swimsuit Issue. NA: What are the must haves this summer for making a big splash on the beach or by the pool? MH: My Must Haves this summer for making a big splash at the beach or the pool are: Dr. Garth Fisher’s new sunscreen product DocBlock, Evian water spray mist bottle,  Virgin Coconut oil for hair and skin, Beach towel by Mayde towels in Australia, and of course some of our favorite swimsuit items from our collection. NA: You are a designer but still have your supermodel figure and pose in top magazines. Please share some workout and diet tips so we all can look a bit better this summer. MH: To stay in shape my tips are to obviously stick to a healthy diet with smaller sized portions, but since we all want to enjoy a bigger meal, sometimes, I strongly advice  to eat any heavier foods earlier in the day. Keep it light in the evenings! I eat a lot of salads and fish, although I do occasionally eat chicken or steak, and yes,  I try to drink a lot of water. As far as exercise goes, I do some light weight training and cardio at the gym but the thing I really focus on is mega pilates 3 to 4 times per week. It’s a game changer. NA: Your favorite drink while being cool by the pool? MH: My favorite poolside drink is a cool refreshing mojito NA: Your favorite hang out in Miami for beach and pool time? MH: When I am in Miami my favorite places to hang out for beach and pool time are the Edition Hotel, the Faena and the Hyde Beach Club at the SLS South Beach NA: What skin care do you like for both skin protection in the sun and aftercare? MH: For protecting my skin when I go out in the sun I love Dr Garth Fisher’s new sunscreen called DocBlock.  And for post-sun aftercare I like products by Dr. Obagi. NA: Where and when can the Miami crowd see your designs in action next ? MH: We will be showing our collection in a runway show at the Funkshion main tent as well as in the Cabana Trade Show.  Swim week is the biggest swimwear trade show/convention in the world and will take place this year from July 12-16th in South Beach Miami. So see you then!

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Six Superb Valentines Day Gifts With High IQ

By Nadja Atwal No, most girls don’t care for a tv promoted pj as a Valentines gift. And yes, a  teddy is cute, but should be only the accessory to the Valentines gift – not the main gift. And since most of us fashion lovers watch our figure, a box of chocolate is really not helpful. Guys are so smart and often also exceptionally creative at work – why then so many uninspired gifts? Send him the links to our gift tips. That should improve his cognitive ability to find the right thing for you. As for what to give your man on the day of love, there is a special gift tip in here that he ll never forget. And if you are single, just reward yourself – they always say we need to love ourselves first, so lets get spoiled! For her : If he does not get this piece for you, reward yourself. The  heart hair barrette  (in copper or silver) from Copper Street Studios with red Swarovski crystals is the perfect hair accessories for those who like to tame their mane in a non-vanilla way. It’s handmade and the heart shape of this gorgeous and very functional  piece softly whispers “Oh how romantic”. 2.) For him and her : “Give” a wild animal. If your sweetheart is an animal lover, the symbolic species adoption from WWF is a romantic way to support global effort to protect wild animals and their habitats. It comes with an adoption certificate, photo of the animal and a matching 8 inch plush. Wanna bet this gift puts a smile on anyone with a heart for animals? 3.)  For her (even though he may not be able to keep his hands off it as well) : The Bellini Self Tanner set is a true breakthrough product and the only self tanner I publicly endorse, since it really turns me into a beach goddess. Developed by one of the best health product and cosmetic inventors in Europe, this perfect self tanner comes in spray form and with a matching spray-on exfoliator! They work as a team and give the most natural tan within 15 minutes. Plus it is full of anti-aging ingredients and moisturizers to keep skin soft and smooth. Pssst: it also smells devine. The product just hit the stores in Europe and we are told the brand can barely keep up with the orders. And how lovely that they offer a Valentines Day Special! 4.) For him:  If you feel your guy is less into “stuff” but more into experiences, give him something unforgettable. Guys love golf, so why not help him to amp up his game? Cloud Nine Livings motto is “Create a memory – give an experience,” so you may also consider (depending on his interests, your budget and location) a helicopter flight lesson, racing a Lamborghini or a wine tasting sail. For her : Enough with those lingerie sets. Summer is coming and so is the next holiday trip to the beach. Oh, what to wear, what to wear to look cool by the pool ? What about a bikini that will catch all eyes when out and about and has the va-va-va-voom to seduce him in the bedroom …or any room? The Leather & Lace Collection by Monica Hansen Beachwear is true genius. And how thoughtful that the brand offers up to 75% on some of these sexy bestsellers especially for V- Day For her : There is lipstick and there is the Glamour Garden LE Collection from Katarina Van Derham. Not only did all of Katarina’s longtime experience as a top make up artist go into this, but the box itself is a piece of art. And with 4 versatile, gorgeous colors in one package (the colors can of course be mixed), she will always have the matching color for every outfit, mood and occasion. Truly genius.

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