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Interview: Miami Power Woman, Lea Black

Interview by Nadja Atwal / Photography by Greg Lotus They say “It takes one to know one.” Therefore, we asked successful business woman and political commentator Nadja Atwal (who made headlines first after she was named sexiest power woman by a top US magazine) to interview one of Miami’s most prominent power women: Lea Black. Power some galore! Black became known to a large audience on the show “The Real House Wives of Miami” where to many she was the stand out class act, the one real lady with smarts and calmness in a pool of vanity and madness. Like our former cover model Joanna Krupa, she was already a success story before she joined the show and has managed to diversify her career by building her brand, becoming a bestselling book author and making her charity one where actual A-listers line up. And all the while making family life work as a devoted mom and wife. 1. Most viewers thought you were the voice of wisdom on The Real Housewives of Miami…What did you take away from your time on the show and the high dosage of female drama? Any new lessons learned? I learned some people will do anything for attention and it’s best to stay away from people that have nothing to lose. Drama and conflict can be interesting when it’s organic and based on fact with good intentions meant for true resolution. But when it gets dark, or it’s fabricated, it’s not interesting or entertaining. 2. Your tag line for Season 2 of RHOM was “I can deal with a lot of things but I can’t deal with stupid.” How did it come to that… too many run ins with incapable people? Yes! I even put it on pillows and a cosmetic bag that we sell at I realized that when dealing with smart people that have something to gain and something to lose you can usually come to agreement or agree to disagree, and at least have stimulating conversations.  But people that think any means justify an end or that are stupid enough to say and do anything not thinking about long term damage are just not worth being around and in their crossfire. Smart people make life easier even when you disagree. Stupid people are short sighted and too stupid to even consider collateral damage and consequences. Trying to reason with stupid is a waste of time. I never want to be the smartest person in the room. I want to be around people smarter than me to learn from them and evolve. 3. As power women we are easily pushed in the corner of  being harsh even dudish and the label “bitch” comes easily into play. Yet you look very feminine, and are a loving mother and wife. Do people feel confused about you and how would you describe yourself? I think for the most part I am misunderstood. People don’t really know me they just think they do. And what I think of myself is far more important to me than what others think of me. I know I’m fair, honest, have integrity, keep my word and try to do the right thing. People can interpret my actions and words however they want to and twist them to suit their preconceived ideas of me but I don’t compromise who I am and what I believe to expose who others are. They usually do a good job of that on their own. I’m a pretty down to earth jeans and tee shirt simple girl that enjoys the good life but I’m not beholden to it or defined by it. I know the difference between being and doing, and that gives me peace of mind.   4. On twitter you are very outspoken about politics. Even though I could not disagree more with you on our president elect, I always enjoy your tweets and applaud you for your outspoken attitude. Now how are you dealing with friends and biz friends who like you very much but also like our newly elected president?  People have different political beliefs for different reasons. I’ve always fought for the underdog. Many times I feel I fight harder for them than they fight for themselves. I don’t believe a guy who has been as self serving as Trump has been for 70 years all of a sudden cares about the underprivileged and middle class. He pushes all of my buttons. Even if I agreed with him on policy his behavior disturbs me and I don’t trust him. He’s said too many things that in my opinion denigrate the office of the President and how we are perceived in the world. I’m truly hoping the people that favor him aren’t disappointed. Many Americans want the same thing and just have different ways of getting there. Then there are the haters and haters are gonna hate. Period the end. So I just ignore them and don’t have them in my life. 5. As a business woman you built a respectable little empire already. Skincare, handbags…how and why did this all start? I started my business in the 1980’s. I created some beauty products that I really believed in and still believe in today. Along with top chemists I created Sudden Youth, a non surgical face lift kit that tones, firms, tightens, lifts and has lasting results. I’ve built a worldwide organization of sales reps that wanted to be able to earn income based on their accomplishments rather than what someone was willing to pay them. Many of them became very high powered business people earning large incomes today based on the training and entrepreneurial skills we taught them over the years. I’ve used Sudden Youth since the first jar and I still use it today along with customers I’ve cultivated over the years. Ten facials for $95 is unquestionably the best skincare for the best price that I’ve ever known of. I now sell it online at along with affordable handbags and fashion jewelry. And we export. It’s a

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Chanel Beauté Boutique Opens at Aventura Mall

By Destinee A. Hughes In the wise words of Coco Chanel, “If you want to be irreplaceable, you have to be different,” and that’s exactly what the new Chanel Fragrance & Beauté Boutique in Aventura mall embodies: originality. The storybox-themed store opened up to the public on December 10th to showcase Chanel beauty. Enthusiast have the opportunity to test makeup must-haves at the “Edit Table,” and will be accompanied by Miami’s top makeup artists to provide a personalized beauty experience.

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One on One with Skin Care Expert Dr. Aaron Kosins

Dr. Aaron Kosins holds a dual Medical Degree (M.D.) and a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship. He is a highly credentialed expert on skin care, cosmetic dermatology, plastic and cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics. He is also highly regarded for his expertise in Rhinoplasty and Breast & Body Contouring and frequently attends prestigious conferences around the world to speak about new techniques and technologies. In addition to operating a thriving surgical practice in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Kosins has trained extensively with acclaimed skincare pioneer, Dr. Zein Obagi and is a co-owner of ZO Skin Centre at Fashion Island, Newport Beach.  MSM caught up with Dr. Kosins for an in depth interview about plastic surgery, the dos and don’ts, the hype and the facts about non-invasive treatments and much more.   Why did you choose to become a plastic surgeon?  I chose to become a Plastic Surgeon because when I was a student, the Plastic Surgeons did the most incredible surgeries I had ever seen.  During the first surgery I ever watched, there was a patient that had a cancer of his jaw bone.  After it was removed, the guy had almost no jaw.  Then, I watched the surgeons transfer a patient’s leg bone to become their part of their jaw!  I thought, “How cool was that?  I want to be able to do that.” When women choose a plastic surgeon what are the key essentials to look out for? The number one essential is to look at your Plastic Surgeon’s reputation.  It is one thing to get a referral from a friend, but you want to make sure that he/she has a good reputation in the community AND in the medical community.  You can go online, look at reviews, view his/her website, etc.  Second, you want to make sure that the surgeon is a specialist in the particular procedure that you want.  In my practice, I specialize in rhinoplasty as well as breast and body contouring.  You can go on my website and look at hundreds of before/after photos.  The surgeon should understand your wishes, be able to communicate well, and then show you dozens of patients that he/she has worked on with your same issues. You are known as one of the best there is in the field of the so called “nose-job”. While the excellent ones can not even be spotted we see way too many bad ones or one that leaves the face more symmetrical but also more boring with no edge. What’s important about getting the right nose job and what is unique about your approach? Rhinoplasty is a true specialty within Plastic Surgery.  It is the most difficult operation that we do, and every single nose has different features that require a more sophisticated way of creating a beautiful result.  If you are interested in getting a rhinoplasty, you need to do your homework and go to a rhinoplasty specialist – a surgeon who devotes more than 50% of his/her practice to this operation.  Look at the doctor’s before/after photos and credentials.  Make sure he/she is board certified.  Look at the educational piece, meaning that you want a surgeon that is on the cutting edge of the specialty.  I spend one week out of every month either lecturing nationally or internationally.  I then spend time with the best surgeon in that state or country.  Learning and improving is the most important thing a rhinoplasty surgeon can do.  He/she should also be an active participant in forwarding the specialty.  As the editor of the rhinoplasty section of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, I see all the news advances coming across the board.  This is hugely beneficial in making sure that I keep getting better and better. Two new things about my approach that are unique are Piezosurgery and the treatment of patients with difficult skin.  I no longer “break” my patients’ bones.  Piezosurgery is an existing technology that we have just now started to use in rhinoplasty.  Small saws are used that cut bone but not skin.  So I can move a patient’s bones (to narrow or straighten the nose) without trauma.  This is more accurate and causes less swelling and bruising.  Also this year I have been giving a lot of lectures on treating people who have thick and oily skin.  These patients often get suboptimal results because the skin acts like a thick blanket and little definition can be seen.  Using creams and sometimes medication I have been able to shrink the soft tissue/skin of the nose and this has been proven with ultrasound.  Both of these things are totally new and exciting to offer to my patients. What about the non-surgical nose job many doctors offer now which only uses derma fillers to shape the nose? I am not a fan of this for a few reasons.  First, the nose is full of blood vessels and in the wrong hands, filler can cause whole subunits of the nose to turn black and die!  At every rhinoplasty meeting I go to there is lectures on how to deal with filler complications.  Also, filler is soft and the nose consists of bone and cartilage.  The unique definition of the nose can’t really be achieved by injecting soft, gelatinous material.  Even in the best hands these procedures need to be repeated 2-3 times per year.  If you think about this, it is extremely expensive over time with suboptimal results.  Because of this, I have NEVER put filler in the nose.  In fact, I am seeing a whole new group of patients who need surgical rhinoplasty after having bad “non-surgical” or filler rhinoplasty.  I have to melt the filler (if possible) before surgery or remove it during surgery before I can create the ideal nose. We all see there is a great push by beauty docs to get more biz by pushing non-suriginal procedures, some of those patients then later stay with that doc for surgical procedures. What is your take on this? In general, I just don’t buy it.  The face ages in 3 ways – the skin ages,

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Nicole Williams from WAGS on E!

Written by Gisel Habibnejad Cover Photo and Photography by Josh Ryan Makeup Artist by Janelle Faretra Styling by Kat Lozhnikova For anyone who stays up to date with pop culture, it’s no secret Nicole Williams is taking the modeling industry by storm. Never shying away from a busy schedule, she also stars in the hit reality television series WAGS on E! The show follows the lives of Williams and her cast mates through which viewers experience a glimpse into the exclusive lives of wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. Williams has been dating Larry English, an NFL defensive end, for close to five years now. “I think our relationship is very relatable to a lot of people who watch.” Prior to WAGS, Williams had already made a name for herself as a professional model. “My mom used to put me in classes so I could get a better feel for being in front of the cameras and I LOVED it!” Her first big break was her Bonne Bell Cosmetics campaign in Canada. A model on a mission, Williams has struck numerous deals throughout her career—her latest being an ad campaign with PETA. In an effort to raise awareness for animal cruelty, she was honored to team up with PETA for a special cause. “It was amazing working with PETA, honestly a dream come true for me,” shares the vegan. “If I can use this little bit of fame for one thing, it’s to spread awareness all around the world.” The ad campaign hones in on the gruesome reality animals undergo in the leather making process. PETA encourages consumers to opt for vegan leather instead of real leather. Vegan fashion goods can be found at top brands such as Stella McCartney and Free People. The Canadian-born beauty has also been busy modeling for other campaign ads. Earlier this year, Williams posed for the luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur’s Aphrodisiaque perfume ad. Skincare has always been important to Williams, so naturally, partnering up with BodyBlendz was a match made in heaven. The premier natural body scrub brand created a Coffee Scrub inspired by Williams’ own beauty regimens. “I used some of my favorite scents that I use at home, it’s so good for your skin to exfoliate, it gets rid of dry dead skin and keeps your skin radiant and smooth.” Some of the vital ingredients used to make the scrub include coffee beans (great for minimizing the appearance of cellulite) and sea salt (leaves skin feeling soft). In addition, together with BodyBlendz, Williams will be launching a new tropical and beachy mist called Mandarin Mist. Poised to conquer the fashion world, Williams will be launching a swimwear line this summer called Nia Lynn. The collection will consist of three bikinis and three one-pieces, staying true to this summer’s hottest trends like mesh, strappy features, and neutral colors. You can keep up with Williams by watching WAGS Sunday nights at 10:00pm only on E! “You definitely don’t want to miss this season because there’s a few surprises in store for everyone!! It gets really exciting.” You can also follow her on social media (@justtnic), to get sneak peeks of her swimwear line.

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BloggerBuzz: Hugueth Galo on Best Foundation For Your Skin Type

Photo Credit: By Hugueth Galo/Beauty & Fashion Blogger If there is one thing that simply does not look cute it’s spotty, caked up make up. The number one reason this happens is because you’re not using the right foundation for your skin type. But don’t give up just yet! I have taken it upon myself to try out different foundations on different skin types to help you find the one to give you flawless coverage all day. Normal Skin Having a normal skin type means that your face will not get too oily or too dry. If you’re lucky enough to have this skin type, your biggest concern is using a foundation that will give you flawless skin. Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation leaves the face looking air brushed. The formula is buildable to give you full coverage while still looking like your own skin. Photo Credit: Make Up Forever Cosmetics Website Combination Skin Does your skin get oily around your nose and forehead while at the same time dry in your cheeks and upper lip? If so, then your combination skin is one of the hardest to battle. A water-based foundation would be perfect because it will give you moisture but not oil. It’s important for this foundation to have the ability to build up coverage for dryer areas and keep oily zones on the sheer side. Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea foundation is perfect for this because of it’s lightweight, has the ability for full coverage, and has SPF 15 sunscreen. Photo Credit: Tarte Cosmetics website Dry Skin  Flaky, dry skin requires extra attention to look good all day. Contrary to belief, adding too much oil to your face will just give acne. Your foundation should have a healthy amount of oil and moisture to keep your face looking bright and glowing. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Foundation gives you that healthy, luminous skin that you crave. Photo Credit: YSL Beauty Website Oily Skin No matter how hot, cold, humid, or normal the weather is, oily skin will show it’s ugly face and ruin your beautiful make up. This is my personal torture, so believe me when I say I feel your pain on this one. Living in Miami, I don’t just worry about my oily skin but also the humidity that triggers the oil. The best foundation for oily skin is one that will not add extra oil but also won’t cake up when your own skin oils release. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation stays on all day with minimal oiliness. I know powder foundations don’t give as much coverage as liquid foundations but hey, that’s what concealer is for!  Make sure to conceal those places that you don’t want to be seen and add MAC’s powder foundation over your whole face, trust me it works! Photo Credit: MAC website   Hugueth Galo/Beauty & Fashion Blogger Twitter: @GossipGrlBeauty Instagram: WordPress: Tumblr:  

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Spring Time at the Spa at Conrad Miami

By Gisel Habibnejad The Spa at Conrad Miami features a 24-hour health and wellness center catered to relaxation of the mind and body. Begin your luxurious spa experience with a workout in the Fitness Center. The center “features multi-sensorial cardiovascular machines with personal viewing screens and a signature series resistance training circuit.” In order to achieve the optimum experience, a trainer is also available upon request. There is also an outdoor area available where you can view the Miami skyline while getting your workout on or enjoy a Rooftop Yoga session. The spa’s wellness menu ranges from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, and Couple’s Massages. A variety of facials is also offered here and tailored to men and women’s preferences. Next, you can finish with express manicure and pedicures. You can’t miss the spectacular lounge room, which houses lockers, sauna, hair care essentials, and complimentary light refreshments. To learn about The Spa at the Conrad Miami Spring Specials, click here For more information, please visit

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Lacoste Launches New Fragrance Collection for Women

By Gisel Habibnejad Lacoste is breaking down barriers once again with its brilliant new line of fragrances for women: Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle. Four years after its male counterpart was launched, this special collection was made with the female tennis player in mind and captures femininity and strength at its finest. Each of the three fragrances is tailored according to moods and activity, such as a day of tennis or an elegant night out. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Elegant / $59 (1.6 oz) Notes of citrus oil, cassis bud, and pink peppers are balanced with mimosa for an edgy yet soft scent containing vetiver as the base. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural / $59 (1.6 oz) For the fruit-inclined, this fragrance will bring your senses to life. Starting with coconut, mandarins, raspberry leaves, and pineapple and laced with discreet notes of orris. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Sparkling / $59 (1.6 oz) If you’re feeling Parisian, this fragrance captures the essence of all that is French. Notes of macaroon blended with fruity and spicy hints topped with patchouli make for an everlasting scent. For more information, please visit

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Aerin Lauder: The Face Behind the Global Beauty, Home Décor, & Fashion Accessories Brand

By Gisel Habibnejad Being the granddaughter of legendary beauty icon Estée Lauder has its benefits no doubt. One of these includes being blessed with the creative touch needed to become a beauty maven in this industry. Aerin Lauder has demonstrated such talent through her global luxury lifestyle brand, AERIN. Furthermore, she has cultivated her talent in home décor, fashion accessories, philanthropy, and beauty. Aerin recently released her latest fragrance collection, Rose de Grasse which embodies the scent of roses—specifically Rose Centifolia, Rose Otto Bulgarian, and Rose Absolute. “I’ve always been inspired by the pure beauty and timelessness of roses. When conceiving the new Rose de Grasse perfume, we wanted the fragrance to be ultra-feminine and light,” shares the mother of two. The New Yorker takes her fragrance collections seriously, going through a detailed process and ensuring she is active every step of the way. “It always starts with an image in my mind – what I want to say in that fragrance and what notes I think will express that. But that’s only the beginning.” The next step includes working closely with the perfumers until she finds the right scent to translate her message. “I obsess over every little detail – I think it’s a family trait.” Of the products offered by her collection, Aerin’s favorite is the Rose de Grasse Parfum, “It’s the perfect combination of my favorite roses in a light beautiful scent. I like to spray it in my hairbrush before I brush my hair.” Aerin also has a knack for designing home décor pieces and accessories. From candles to lamps, pillows, and much more, you can find collective accents made with you in mind. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern look, AERIN has a desirable piece for you. By adding candles to her fragrance collection, Aerin combines two of her loves in one, “Candles can instantly transform the feeling of a space. This season I’ll be lighting the AERIN Beauty Rose de Grasse Candle for guests.” A tip Aerin carries with her everywhere comes from her late grandmother, “‘You only have one face, take care of it.’ Skincare is so important. I always wear sunscreen and I invest in high-quality products that help protect and repair my skin.” Her favorite skincare product from Estée Lauder is the Advanced Night Repair. You can get to know Aerin personally through her brand accessories; each piece is mirrored by her passions. Photography Courtesy of AERIN LLC For more information on AERIN, please visit

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The Weekend Guide: 2/25-2/28

For our guide on the 15th Annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival, please click here Beauty & the Bestie When: Thursday, Feb. 25th at 6:00-9:00pm Where: The Spa at the Viceroy Admission: $60 per person; Those who work on Brickell Ave receive 10% off; For reservations, call (305)503-0369 Additional Information: Includes skin consultations, healthy snacks, access to spa facilities, special discounts, & spa treatment giveaways Florida Panthers vs Arizona Coyotes When: Thursday, Feb. 25th at 7:30pm Where: BB&T Center Admission: Fall Out Boy Concert When: Friday, Feb. 26th at 7:00pm Where: Hard Rock Hollywood Casino Admission: Fashion Night on Brickell When: Friday, Feb. 26th at 7:30pm Where: Espiritu Santo Building Admission: $65 per person at the door Additional Information: Showcasing pieces from top designers; Music, cocktails, & hors d’oeuvres will be served; Benefitting Dade Legal Aid Jeff Dunham When: Saturday, Feb. 27th at 5:00pm Where: BB&T Center Admission: The Beach Boys When: Saturday, Feb. 27th at 8:00pm Where: Hard Rock Hollywood Casino Admission: Josh Groban Concert When: Saturday, Feb. 27th at 8:00pm Where: Au-Rene Theater at the Broward Center Admission: A Deliciously Decadent Afternoon of Chocolate & Cocktails When: Sunday, Feb. 28th at 2:00-5:00pm Where: Drinkhouse Fire & Ice Admission: General- $40; VIP- $55 Additional Information: Hosted by James-Beard award winner pastry chef, author, & TV personality Johnny Iuzzini; 3-hour walk around tasting

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Keep Calm & Enjoy the Spa

By Gisel Habibnejad Spa days are always a good idea, right? At the newly renovated Spa at Viceroy Miami, locals and visitors can enjoy a day indulging in great food while being pampered at the beautiful location. What’s wonderful about this spa is the availability of the 2,500 sq ft gym equipped with a trainer and a state-of-the-art cardio theater—to say the least. The spa includes 10 treatment rooms and one couples room, to be fully enjoyed alone, with your best friends, or with your significant other. While all of the amenities assure you of a delightful experience, it’s hard not to mention the 5,000 sq ft water lounge with a spectacular view of Biscayne Bay. Be sure to take advantage of their limited time specials and packages. For more information, please visit  

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LA MER & Kelly Framel Celebrate Beauty & Art in Miami

On Wednesday, January 27th, LA MER and Glamourai’s Kelly Framel hosted a celebration of the luxurious beauty brand’s newest skincare product, The Lifting Eye Serum. The exclusive event was held at the Pérez Art Museum Miami and featured a private tour of the museum’s sea-inspired gallery, seemingly appropriate as LA MER’s products are ocean-based.  Notable guests included LA MER Global Skincare Ambassador Joanna Czech, Linda Levy Goldberg, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Ines Rivero, Daniela Botero, Zachary Lynd, Julie Sarinana, Ria Michelle, and Dana Shear. Photography by World Red Eye

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Beauty for Real Made for You

By Gisel Habibnejad Beauty products created with on-the-go women in mind who crave easy to apply makeup with long-lasting effects are now made possible thanks to Beauty for Real. Founder and celebrity makeup artist Leslie Munsell worked closely with top laboratories and chemists from around the world to create highly effective products. With 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Munsell wanted to create a beauty line with the everyday and stylish woman in mind: “Beauty for Real is an affordable, expertly edited collection of indispensable items every woman needs.” In addition, Munsell also creates seasonal lines carried at Aerie for American Eagle Outfitters. Beauty for Real works towards anti-aging as it contains “ingredients such as plant-derived antioxidants, essential oils, and vitamins.” Their latest collection includes four exclusive products designed to enhance head-to-toe beauty which were introduced at the launch event held on Thursday, Jan. 16th. The exclusive soiree featured live makeup tutorials by Munsell on model Louise using products by Beauty for Real. Lip Revival ($14) An exfoliating lip scrub that hydrates while conditioning your lips for a smooth base to apply lip products. The scrub contains carnauba wax, sugarcane, cinnamon bark, orange and vanilla essential oils. Total Body Revival ($24) Much like the Lip Revival, this full-body scrub exfoliates to remove dead skin to ensure healthy skin and smoothness. Ingredients include raw sugar, sugarcane extract, rapeseed oil, carnauba wax, safflower seed oil, and coffee leaves. (Total) Glo ($24) One of the top hits of the latest products, it applies an instant glow to your body. The lightly scented body cream adds the right kind of shimmer for the ultimate summer glow. Together, shea butter and cupuacu butter work to provide moisture. The aloe leaf extract contains light reflecting pigments providing the subtle glow along with hydration. South Beach Spray ($18) Your summer look wouldn’t be complete without this amplifying hair spray. Although it doesn’t feel like summer is near, we Miamians have the luxury of being able to pull off beach hair all year long. Ingredients include sea salt, coconut water, and marine extracts, which prove to create authentic beach waves while the meadow foam seed oil keeps your hair in place. Beauty for Real is available nationwide at high-end salons & at

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