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Hypothyroidism – a dangerous epidemic among women

  Hypothyroidism & Women by Nadja Atwal There are frequent neurologic conditions associated with an under-active thyroid – our recurring guest author , top neurologist Dr.Adam Zuber, explains the commonly encountered symptoms.  Dr. Adam Zuber: The thyroid gland is located below the Adam’s apple in the throat.  Hypothyroidism is a decreased function of the Thyroid gland and affects women quite differently than it does men. A lot of times the diagnosis is often made only when a blood test is done routinely for other conditions or as part of her medical checkup. Normally hypothyroidism begins slowly and presents with weight gain, and lack of energy. Frequently women will notice that their hair changes in texture, becomes thin, dry and breaks easily, dry or yellowish skin, brittle nails, slow body movements, feeling cold and inability to get warm, occasionally constipation may be noted.  Also associated with hypothyroidism is difficulty sleeping and sleep apnea. Memory problems may be seen including dementia, lack of concentration and depression.  Frequently one develops hypothyroidism due to unknown causes but it may be autoimmune like in Hashimotos disease or with a goiter enlargement of the thyroid gland in the neck.  A lot of times it is related to body habitus as your body is just not able to produce enough thyroid hormone for one’s body size due to weight gain or during pregnancy. Neuropathies are common conditions associated with hypothyroidism, even when treated.  Within ten year’s women who have been under treatment for hypothyroidism frequently develop nerve disease, called neuropathy. This is quite similar to diabetic neuropathy. The symptoms associated with neuropathy are numbness, tingling, burning and pinprick sensation of the feet, some people may also encounter unsteadiness and difficulty maintaining their balance. Also frequently associated with hypothyroidism is restless leg syndrome which is a state of persistent restlessness in the feet and legs.  The person suffering from restless leg syndrome cannot sit still and have to move around constantly to settle the sensation in their feet and legs. Other conditions that may be associated with hypothyroidism is periodic limb movements of sleep which is a jerky movement that happens during sleep every 90 seconds. This can cause disruption in sleep and non-restorative sleep. Other neurologic conditions commonly associated are increased frequency of problems of nerves that can be easily compressed. These are carpal tunnel effecting the wrist with pain and numbness of the hands, tarsal tunnel of the feet with numbness and pain in the bottom of the foot and occasionally lateral meralgia paresthetica with pain and burning sensation of the lateral thighs. NA: Hypothyroidism is treated with oral thyroid supplements and can be managed by your primary physician and may need consultation with an endocrinologist for further correction. It is Dr. Zuber from Neurology Associates of Scottsdale Arizona recommendation that women should get checked for thyroid dysfunction annually as part of their routine physicals and be treated adequately if needed as consequences of untreated hypothyroidism are serious.

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10 Orthopedic Injuries You Need To Know About Before Tee Off with Dr. Alejandro Badia

Orthopedic Surgeon to the Golf Pros, Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS, Sheds Light on the Top 10 Orthopedic Injuries Impacting Golfers Although originated in Scotland in the 15th century1, golf has been embraced by nearly 30 million Americans coast-to-coast ever since, adding roughly $70 billion a year to America’s economy.2 It is increasingly popular and serves as a fabulous de-stressor, but did you know that there are 10 orthopedic injuries that commonly occur when golf is not played properly? Many do not. Orthopedic surgeon to the golf pros, Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS and Founder and Chief Medical Officer of OrthoNOW®, the nation’s only network of orthopedic urgent care centers, shares his insights. Dr. Badia is a highly respected and sought out hand and upper extremity surgeon that has a strong connection with golf, having treated some of the best players in the world including renowned Peruvian PGA players Sebastian Salem and Hector Gonzalez, Sean Edey one of the top junior Caribbean players from Barbados and #80 French golfer in the world, Perrine Delacour on whom Dr. Badia successfully performed an arthroscopic procedure on her wrist followed up by ARPwave Neuro Therapy that got her back to the game after only three months. With this beneficial information, golfers can be more mindful of their body position and their swing while on the green. The top 10 most common orthopedic golf injuries include: 1. Golfer’s Elbow: Also referred to as “tennis elbow,” this is a condition aggravated by overuse of the arm, forearm and hand muscles that result in elbow pain. The term came into use because it can be a significant problem for some tennis players. “Golfer’s elbow” refers to the same process occurring on the inside of the elbow. Some people have an underlying tendency towards developing these conditions, which then become aggravated with overuse. 2. Back Strain/Disc Herniation: The vigorous twisting and core energy expended in the golf drive can cause soft tissue injury to paraspinal muscles, which are next to the spine and direct motion of the core or trunk area, or even to the discs between the vertebral which may lead to pain, weakness, tingling, muscle pain and spasms. 3. Rotator Cuff Tear: This may be caused by an injury to the shoulder, or due to progressive degeneration or wear & tear of the tendon. Symptoms include pain and extreme stiffness when raising your arm above your head or when moving your shoulder. Too many repetitive rotations at one time can strain the ligaments and muscles in your shoulder. 4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: This is caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. Things that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome include: hypothyroidism, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy, obesity, wrist injuries and bone spurs and smoking because it can reduce blood flow to the medial nerve. Patients should see an orthopedic specialist if they are experiencing tingling, weakness, or pain in the fingers or hand that keeps coming back or that has not gone away after 2 weeks of home treatment. A common misconception is that typing or texting causes carpal tunnel syndrome. Although these can certainly aggravate the symptoms, typing or texting alone does not cause carpal tunnel syndrome. 5. Ankle Sprain: A sprained ankle is an injury that is common within activities or sports which involve a high level of jumping, pivoting and running. It’s an injury to one of the ligaments in your ankle and although ligaments are flexible, all it takes is a sudden twist for them to stretch too far or snap entirely. 6. Plantar fasciitis: This is the most common cause of heel pain. It is caused by repeated strain on the plantar fascia, the ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes, supporting the arch of the foot. A strained plantar fascia causes weakness, swelling, and inflammation in one or both heels. 7. ACL Tear: Knee injuries, much like ankle injuries, occur in activities involving quick turns, abrupt stops and starts, or unpredictable motions. Hearing a pop or experiencing a sharp pain in your knee after taking a hard turn may mean that the ACL was injured. An ACL tear makes it difficult to bend the knee, and people often suffer a feeling of instability when standing. 8. Meniscus Tear: This is a very common knee injury among professional athletes and the elderly. The meniscus helps the knee joint carry weight, glide and turn. This is usually caused by twisting or turning too quickly when the foot is planted and the knee is bent. This injury often causes the knee to be in pain, lock, click and swell. 9. Stress Fractures: These types of injuries are overuse injuries. Muscles become fatigued and they are no longer capable of reducing the shock of repeated impacts. When this happens, the muscles transmit the stress to the bones. Over time, those affected bones can no longer repair themselves organically, leading to small cracks or fractures. 10. Distal Radius Fracture: Commonly known as wrist fractures, these occur when you fall on an outstretched hand. In some cases, a cast may be all that is necessary to treat these injuries, but these fractures tend to be unstable and usually require surgical treatment. In today’s age, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, proper form and technique can help you take care of your body now, and build healthy habits for the future. There is a new technology that until recently was only used by elite athletes but is now available to the public at OrthoNOW® called ARPwave Neuro Therapy, which dramatically alleviates acute and chronic pain and expedites recovery from surgery. ARPwave is a system comprised of a proprietary electrical device with carefully designed protocols which target injury at the source and has been use to prevent injury and to condition and prep the body to endure the physical commitment that’s required of the activity being experienced by the patient. The technology can help improve your game by improving range of motion and it

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TRN: Access to Elite-Level Personal Training

By Gisel Habibnejad If you’re looking for all-access to personalized workout programs instantly, TRN has a solution for you. Now available in Miami, this health and fitness app covers four disciplines: general training, yoga, Pilates, and swimming. The app offers all functionalities to meet the needs of busy lives that understand the importance of fitting a workout into their schedules. Through TRN, you can review, choose, and get to know the qualified trainer of your choice before booking your in-person training session. All training Specialists are handpicked by TRN and hold a high level of expertise in their fields. Each Specialist takes the time to learn about their client’s medical history, capacity, and goals in order to personalize each workout catered to the client’s needs. With these qualities, clients should be seeing results in no time. Founders Pat Manocchia and Greg Peters sought to bring health and fitness accessible to all and have succeeded. Manocchia is also the founder of the premier health and fitness provider in the U.S. known as LA PALESTRA Center for Preventative Medicine and, Peters is a well-known fitness expert. “Miami has evolved into a place of high end, quality and luxury services; this audience demands convenience and personal service whenever they want, which is what we do,” shared Peters. TRN IOS is available for download at the app store For more information, please visit

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Tracy Anderson Opens Pop-Up Fitness Studio in Bal Harbour Shops

By Gisel Habibnejad With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to get our beach bodies back in tip-top shape. Famed fitness guru Tracy Anderson has provided Miamians with the ideal opportunity to get back in our fitness groove. Yesterday marked the first day of the pop-up studio in Bal Harbour Shops and will remain for the next 8 weeks. The fitness studio consists of muscular structure and TAva dance cardio classes, digital workout sessions, and private training services—all part of the Tracy Anderson Method. “I am so excited to bring the Tracy Anderson Method to Miami with a pop-up studio that will transform the way people exercise and connect to themselves,” said Tracy Anderson. “Miami will get to experience my atTAin definition classes as well as my brand new low impact, high calorie burning dance workout TAva. Both classes deliver my latest and greatest content to propel your fit life.” In addition, the boutique will offer body-customized fitness DVDS, apparel, nutritional supplements, and visitors can also register for a real-time streaming digital workout class with Tracy Anderson. A percentage of the proceeds made through the pop-up studio will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For more information or to make class reservations, please visit

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SoulCycle X Target

By Gisel Habibnejad Two amazing brands dedicated to improving lifestyles have come together to form a force to be reckoned with. SoulCycle, made popular by the many celebrities who swear by it, recently expanded to Miami and exposed us to the most uplifting and motivational cycling classes in the world. Everyone knows Target as the store you can always turn to when you need anything. Together, they formed SoulCycle X Target; the fitness clothing line is made up of SoulCycle’s signature colors and logo for men and women, and can only be purchased at one of the few pop-up stores throughout the country or on

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Bike Ride through American Heart Month

In recognition of American Heart Month, there’s no better time to grow a habit of exercise than in February. Even short blurts of daily workouts drastically lower the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. According to the Karolinska Institute, just 20 minutes of exercise a day is linked to lowering the risk of heart disease by 21%. What better way to enjoy the fantastic Miami weather while bike riding through the great scenery our city has to offer? My City Bikes, a public health campaign devoted to promoting physical health through bike riding for beginners, offers tools to assist in the bike riding lifestyle. From finding local bike shops to free apps, this brand will become part of your daily routine. Below is a list of recommended fun and unique bike trails by My City Bikes to get the best out of bike riding through our city: MOUNTAIN & TRAIL Virginia Key Trail System (8 miles) RECREATION & TOURING Rickenbacker Trail (8.5 miles) ROAD & COMMUTER Miami Beach Community Bike Ride (2nd Saturday of every month) UltrabikeX Beginner’s Ride (Thursdays at 7:30 a.m.) FAMILIES Shark Valley Trail (15.4 miles) You can find more trails, such as Group Rides, Women’s Biking, and Kids on a Roll when you download the app at

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Keep Calm & Enjoy the Spa

By Gisel Habibnejad Spa days are always a good idea, right? At the newly renovated Spa at Viceroy Miami, locals and visitors can enjoy a day indulging in great food while being pampered at the beautiful location. What’s wonderful about this spa is the availability of the 2,500 sq ft gym equipped with a trainer and a state-of-the-art cardio theater—to say the least. The spa includes 10 treatment rooms and one couples room, to be fully enjoyed alone, with your best friends, or with your significant other. While all of the amenities assure you of a delightful experience, it’s hard not to mention the 5,000 sq ft water lounge with a spectacular view of Biscayne Bay. Be sure to take advantage of their limited time specials and packages. For more information, please visit  

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18 Tips to Help Reach Your 2016 Fitness Goals

The holidays are officially over. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your first week back to reality. To celebrate the first Monday of 2016, we’ve compiled a list of tips to get yourself back into your workout routine or to conquer your fitness New Year Resolution head-on. Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first: drink more water, get lots of sleep, and eat healthy. Prepare: Schedule your daily workouts for the week and lay everything out/pack the night before. Having a workout buddy creates accountability, which you are less likely to cancel on. Create a motivational playlist, binge watch a TV show to during your workouts, or read a great book. This helps you look forward to your workouts. Track your progress with a journal. It will motivate you to continue reaching your goals. Assemble an inspiration board to motivate your daily workouts. Feet are at their largest later in the day, so shopping for sneakers is recommended at this time. Monitor workouts with a fitness tracker. A small cup of coffee before a workout “helps improve stamina, strength, and speed,” according to Working out in the morning burns more calories. Doing light cardio before toning workouts helps prevents injury and soreness. When running up hills, keep your eyesight at the top of the hill. Breathing airways open up easier this way, rather than looking down at your feet. Scheduling personal training sessions with an instructor every few months ensures you’re continuing with proper form and enlightens new workouts. By doing a physical activity every day, your body and mind will develop this healthy habit. Take at least one day off weekly. However, this doesn’t mean to cut out physical activities completely. You can take a walk, do a simple yoga class, or take a scenic bike ride around the neighborhood. Eat slowly–your mind takes longer to process that your stomach is full. For diets, allow yourself a cheat day/meal once a week. This helps you stick to your diet rather than breaking it altogether. Sign up for a fitness event, like a 5k. Training to reach this goal will be rewarding when you cross the finish line.

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Day of Indulgence: Celebrating Bal Harbour Shops’ 50th Anniversary

By Gisel Habibnejad Photography by World Red Eye Bal Harbour became a fashion staple in Miami when it first opened in 1965. Ever since, Miamians of the last half century have flocked to buy the latest fashion trends and classic pieces—many of which have remained in our wardrobe all these years. Bal Harbour Shops houses 100 designer boutiques and two of the most luxurious department stores: Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. The open-air shopping space was officially recognized by the world in 2012 when it topped “the list as the world’s most productive shopping center, based on sales per square foot, according to data compiled by the International Council of Shopping Centers.” Under the care of the Whitman Family, three generations have remained at the forefront of Miami’s premier and luxury retail space.  In efforts to celebrate its big 50, Bal Harbour Shops gifted Miami’s elite with a Day of Indulgence. Guests enjoyed lunch and a day filled with personalized pampering, such as makeup sessions with GLAMSQUAD; a brow treatment, false lash application or a mini oxygen blast with GEE Beauty; and acupuncture ear bead treatments with Dr. Ronel Corbin. On the fashion spectrum, a garment fitting with Phat Buddha’s designer Alissa Benishai; a handmade hat from Eugenia Kim; and Miu Miu sunglasses fitted by Designer Eyes. Lastly, guests received personalized photos courtesy of Photo&Go, an exclusive bracelet by Chanel Bal Harbour Shops, and a personalized gift bag. Big Bag Theory provided the leather pouch turned tote which served as the gift bag for guests. Inside, attendees found a candle from Dyptique, an oxygen facial from GEE Beauty, a leather pouch with surprise inside by VINCE, $200 store credit from Sara Colombo Nest Casa, gift card for four pints of customized ice cream from eCreamery (they also personalized Stanley Whitman’s favorite flavor for his 97th birthday!), apparel by Wildfox, five fitness classes to FlyWheel, a fitness class to Barry’s Bootcamp, movies passes to Ipic, and many others. Notable attendees included: Blaine Trump, Gigi Whitman, Sarah Harrelson (Editor in Chief of Bal Harbour Magazine), Cheryl Stephenson (Marketing Director of Bal Harbour Shops), Chef Ingrid Hoffman, Susie Wahab, Pablo De Ritis (Executive Vice President of FAENA Rose), Silvia Cubina (of Bass Museum of Arts), Ana Hughes (of Vogue Mexico), Lisa Petrillo (CBS Reporter), Renee Bargh (of EXTRA), and Oribe Canales. For more information, please visit:

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Black Friday Deals & Steals

By Alyse Mier Black Friday is here, and with it comes an overwhelming amount of deals for those hoping to start their holiday shopping. Since you may not have had time to search the Internet for the best deals we did the legwork for you. Below are 15 deals we think you need to check out this Thanksgiving weekend. Athleta From November 27th-December 1st save 20% on everything in store and online. Banana Republic Enjoy 50% off sweater and 40% off the rest. Cole Haan Cole Haan is offering 50% off select styles from November 25th-November 29th. Right now you can also receive 30% off full price items site wide and in stores. Equipment Take advantage of Equipment’s 25% off everything sale. Shop the sale from November 25th-November 30th. Gap Gap is currently running 50% off your entire purchase, no exclusions. If you’re shopping online enter code EARLY at checkout. If your shopping in stores discounts will be taken at the register. Snag this deal from November 25th-November 28th. Joie Save 25% off all full price and sale items. This deals extends from November 25th-November 30th. Journelle Shop Journelle’s More is More sale until December 1st. Take 15% off purchases of $150+, 20% off orders of $300+ and 25% off orders of $500 or more. Be sure to use code THANKSLOVELY at checkout. Kate Spade Enjoy up to 75% off select apparel and accessories during the Kate Spade Surprise Sale. Sale ends November 28th. Loeffler Randall Snag an extra 15% off already on sale shoes with code BLKFRIDAY. Mara Hoffman Shop select styles from 30%-70% off. 5% of all sales will benefit Art Start throughout the holidays. Nasty Gal Shop the Black Friday sale from November 24th– November 27th and receive 30% off select black styles. Also enjoy 30% already marked down items. Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack It’ll be hard to resist 20% off the entire store at Nordstrom when Black Friday comes around. Nordstrom Rack is offering an additional 30% off clearance items. And for those who shop online on Black Friday Nordstrom Rack sweetens the deal by offering free shipping. Neiman Marcus On Black Friday from 8am till noon take an extra 33% off already reduced prices. At noon take an additional 20%. And with any purchase of $100 or more you’ll receive a $50 gift card. All day Friday and Saturday take 40% off select designer apparel. Sephora All day on November 27th snag a number of products that will be marked down as low as $10. Scotch and Soda Save 30% off on the fall/winter collection and receive 10% off everything else. If you’re shopping online be sure to use promo code BlackFriday.

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Amp Up Your Workouts

By Alyse Mier You’ve already got your sneakers and gym membership. All you seem to be missing to take your workouts to the next level are the right gadgets. These five gadgets will help you better optimize and track your progress, so you can meet your personal fitness goals. 1. Bragi Dash Smart Earphones The world’s first completely wireless smart earphone gives you the freedom of movement. These headphones play more than just music. It measures your body’s vitals and movements to provide you with personalized, extensive fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring. This nifty little gadget also doubles as a Bluetooth headset that promises to give you crisp and clear voice quality. Even with all the amazing features this little gadget has to offer the innovators at Bragi have made it easy to use. You can preorder these earphones that are sure to change your exercising experience at for $300. 2. SmartMat Yoga Mat Nothing beats attending a yoga class after a long week, yet it’s not always so easy to make time for it. However, SmartMat Yoga Mat brings a personal yoga instructor right to your very home. The yoga mat is embedded with sensors that track your body’s heat map and feeds that information to the accompanying app. Your yoga instructor will help you perfect your pose and achieve your perfect balance. After your guided class you can review your score and other stats on the app. Pre-order your yoga mat today through for the special price of $297. 3. Hidrate Spark We have mastered ways to track almost every aspect of our lives: sleep, exercise, heart rate. Yet, one thing we have not mastered is keeping track of our water intake. Hidrate Spark has revolutionized how we consume water. This smart water bottle connects to our phone via Bluetooth and tracks how much water we’ve drank in a day. The app can also connect to your fitness trackers and help you reach your daily water goals based on your workouts. If you forget to drink water, the bottle will glow as a friendly reminder that you have a goal to reach. There is no excuse to not stay hydrated. Order yours today at for $59.95. 4. Lumafit The Lumafit is the perfect to companion to have for your workout, whether at home or at the gym. From sit-up’s to push ups Lumafit senses what workout you’re doing, tracks your EKG, sets and reps while giving you interactive feedback to ensure you reach your fitness goals. The unique design is extremely lightweight and securely wraps around your ear ensuring that it will stay on even through the most rigorous of exercises. Cash in on the early bird offer today at and buy yours for $129. 5. Fossil Q Dreamer and Reveler Famed watchmaker Fossil recently launched a line of wearables that are unlike all the others. These smart bracelets are similar to your standard fitness trackers in that they track your daily activities, connect to an app and alert you when you receive a text or call. However, their sleek design is what makes them so unique. The Q Reveler, designed for men, is available in silver with a brown band, or black with a black band. The Q dreamer, designed for women, is available in silver or gold with eight different band options. Fossil is leading the way in the future of elegant fitness trackers. Visit to buy your tracker for $125.

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Weekend Guide: 11/19-11/21

Watch the Miami Heat win, then celebrate with a beer favorite Oculto or get inspired by the fantastic physique competitions. If that isn’t enough, you can listen to lovely music at a benefit concert or shop ’til you drop! Miami Heat vs Sacramento Kings When: Thursday, Nov. 19th at 7:30pm Where: AmericanAirlines Arena Tickets: Oculto Presents Garden of Hedon When: Thursday, Nov. 19th at 9:00pm Where: Vizcaya Gardens Tickets: RSVP at Additional Information: Dress in black 2015 NPC National Championships When: Friday, Nov. 20th at 1:00pm until Saturday, Nov. 21st 5:00pm Where: James L. Knight Center Tickets: StyleMarket Hosting Outdoor Bazaar When: Saturday, Nov. 21st 12:00pm-5:00pm Where: Downtown Dadeland, 7250 N. Kendall Dr., Miami, FL 33156 Guitars Over Guns “Choose Your Sound” Benefit Concert Presented by Miami Marlins When: Saturday, Nov. 21st at 7:00pm Where: The Fillmore Miami Beach Tickets: Additional Information: Hosted by NBC 6’s Roxanne Vargas Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers When: Saturday, Nov. 21st at 8:00pm Where: AmericanAirlines Arena Tickets:

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