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Martha MacCallum – Live From The Sunshine State

Martha MacCallum – Exclusive Interview  By Nadja Atwal Martha MacCallum is one of those people that generates an “insta-like” reaction. The successful host of the Fox News show ‘The Story’ continues to receive praise from the media and her audience both for her interview style that has always successfully thrived for an objective delivery and classy debate of the latest news. The gorgeous anchor with those famous light blonde tresses (no wonder she told ALLURE magazine she never even considered changing her hair color) began her career as a reporter for Corporate Finance Magazine and held a variety of positions including with NBC and CNBC before she signed with the No 1 cable News Station Fox News.   In 1997 and 2003, MacCallum was the recipient of the American Women in Radio and Television award for her reporting and  in 2017, she landed on Variety’s New York Power List. On Thursday, June 28th, the busy power woman and her colleague, Fox News anchor Bret Baier will co-moderate a Republican gubernatorial primary debate in Orlando live from the Gaylord Palms Resort in front of a live audience. We took the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Martha.    Not only have you established yourself as a powerhouse on primetime, but you are one of the few political TV show hosts who has not stirred up controversy. Is it because you try not to weigh in too heavily with your personal opinion or what is your recipe ?    My recipe is news and doing great coverage every night. Honestly, I am not a person who believes what I do is about me. It’s not about me. It’s about the viewers, the audience, and the country. I’m an arbiter of the news that’s coming across my desk every day and there are times when I reveal a little bit about how I feel about something, but I have a pretty good barometer for where that line is and I really try not to cross it. I’m really thrilled that the show is doing so well, but the recipe is always evolving!   Whenever I spent time at the Fox News building in NY in my capacity as a political commentator, I had a fantastic  experience  –  only meeting the nicest people. I perceived the place instantly as an environment where true friendships can be initiated and manifest. Then again as a host you must also feel that conflicting vibe of in-house competition. Tell us a bit about your experience and how you’ve navigated through it all over the years.   I think that we have very healthy competition here. We all want our show to be number one – we certainly want all of our shows to be in the top 10 in which we’re thankful to say that we have a tremendous record of success. The bar is very high for all of us and I think that we compete first against the other networks, and then second against each other in terms of wanting to have the best show. I think anybody whose successful in life has that attitude. That being said, we also are friends and we develop close friendships over the years. I’m just reminded of this weekend I went to Charles Krauthammer’s funeral and saw so many close friends from this environment and people who appreciated Charles and will miss him so much. Being there reminded me of what’s really important in life and that is friendships, people and the way you treat each other. I think that that’s something that’s really important to all of us.    This Thursday you will  host a Republican gubernatorial primary debate in Orlando. Again you were paired with Bret Baier for this live event. What makes you two a great  team?   We love working together. I think we complement each other really well. Bret obviously does a fantastic job and is based in Washington and has a great pulse for politics. I’ve covered politics my entire career as well and this is really a dream job for me. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. So when I sit in that chair and moderate debates I walk in there with my homework done because I absolutely love the whole process of writing, refining and debating the questions with our team. It is truly a dream come true for me and I love working with Bret. Bret is one of the best people that you will meet in this business and as long as we work together – that’s a great place for me to be.    After hosting debates like this where the audience has access to you, what are the most frequent questions you are getting from audience members once the show is over?   I can honestly say that they tell us to keep up the good work. They are incredibly encouraging. Sometimes you’ll hear someone who is a fan, isn’t a fan – I like to talk to people on all sides of the fence. I think it’s what makes life interesting and we just love their input and I love doing it in front of a crowd. The energy in the room is really palpable and it fuels the energy on stage. When we walk out and when we look at everybody and they’re so excited to be there it’s just so different for us because I’m used to working on a quiet set with a bunch of people. Being in front of a live audience just adds that extra energy and excitement to the night.   You are also devoting a substantial amount of time to charities, tell us a bit about the projects you currently support with great passion and why?   I’ve long been involved with The Inner City Scholarship Fund / Be a Student’s Friend program in New York and New Jersey. I believe that the Catholic schools in both states provide an amazing opportunity for inner city kids to be taught in an environment that’s safe and gives them a place to grow and thrive, and

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Photo Courtesy of Said Bazze LATIN SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME ANNOUNCED TODAY THE NAMES OF THE COMPOSERS WHO WILL HONORED DURING ITS FIRST INDUCTION AWARDS GALA TO BE HELD ON APRIL 23 AT THE NEW WORLD CENTER OF MIAMI BEACH Singers / songwriters Natalia Jimenez and Jon Secada joined Desmond Child and Rudy Perez, founder of the foundation, to announce the names of the five composers to receive the “The Muse” Miami, FL. (January 28, 2013) Desmond Child, Rudy Perez, Natalia Jimenez, Jon Secada and members of the board of Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame  (LSHOF), announced today the six iconic songwriters chosen to be recognized and incorporated into the newly formed organization. The composers are: Armando Manzanero, Mexico; Concha Miranda Valdez, Cuba, Jose Angel Espinosa “Ferrusquilla”, Mexico, Jose Feliciano, Puerto Rico, Julio Iglesias, Spain, Manuel Alejandro, Spain. These five Latin music icons will be honored with the statue ‘La Musa’, created especially for LSHOF. The historic first awards ceremony will be held on Tuesday April 23, 2013, at the New World Center in Miami Beach, which will be hosted by renowned actor John Leguizamo. The inaugural awards gala will be held in conjunction with the Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards, as celebration to highlight the composers and those songs written in Spanish and Portuguese which have left an imprint all around the world. The LSHOF awards ceremony will pay tribute to some of Latin Music’s legends and will feature performances by some of the hottest talents in the industry, such as Los Temerarios. Other major composers who will be honored, presenters and special performances will be announced during the month of February. Desmond Child and Rudy Perez also announced today, during the press conference, that the singer / songwriter Natalia Jiménez had been chosen to receive the organization’s ‘The Muse Elena Casals Award’, presented to an outstanding young composer. For more information about becoming part of Hall of Fame Latino Composers and purchase tickets to the gala, About Hall of Fame Latino Composers (LSHOF): Founded by Desmond Child and Rudy Perez, Hall of Fame Latino Composers is a non-profit organization that seeks to honor the most outstanding composers worldwide and their music in all genres. The Nominating Committee LSHOF (the acronym) consists of composers, artists, musicians, producers, engineers, music critics and industry executives, who meet once a year to nominate 24 candidates emblematic of all regions and genres of Spanish and Portuguese into two categories: twelve composers and songwriters / composers twelve ( All members were eligible to vote LSHOF five of 24 nominees. Voting ended last night at midnight.  

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The missing link in music: The IDA Program

Photo courtesy of IDA Program By Sandra Mateu “When preparation and opportunity collide success happens,” said Award Winning Producer Rudy Perez.  An initiative born during a regular day of auditions from the minds of music legends Rudy Perez and David Frangioni. In a time where independent artists are taking the reins of their careers using multiple platforms and innumerable tools available by current technology. In a label-less world where there is a big gap of professional guidance and longtime experience. The final moment of realization took place and the missing link of today’s music industry came to life: The IDA Program (Inspire & Develop Artists Educational Program). “Rudy and I have joined forces to develop the artists of tomorrow. It’s truly profound to me how passionate and visionary Rudy Perez really is as a producer, songwriter and now in the development of artists. It’s inspiring to see someone of his magnitude that nurturing to the world,” said David Frangioni. IDA is a top notch package of everything an artist needs to become successful in the industry. With the invaluable guidance of professionals of the caliber of Billboard Magazine’s 2010 “Producer of the Decade” Rudy Perez, 3 year vocal coach of “The X Factor” TV show Mark Hudson, the Pioneer in music technology David Frangioni and Multi-Grammy winner Jon Secada. It includes an incredible curriculum of activities such as songwriting, improvement of your craft, music production, vocal coaching, stage performance, choreography, refining your image and even personal studio sessions. This program was born July 1st, 2012. It just finished its first session and it is in the works of becoming the next big reality show. The pilot took place in Miami Beach with an amazing group of 16 artists that took the journey of a lifetime in a boot camp where coaching is a non-stop process. “Artist development has been declining and no one is really doing anything for these talented kids,” Rudy Perez. This educational package offers top of the line mentors that are vital to a musician’s career. “Imagine having access to people of this quality. It is truly invaluable,” David Frangioni. “We had a goal and it turned out to be much bigger and much more challenging …to transform a becoming artist to their highest level in 7 days. These kids found talent they were not even aware of!” Rudy Perez. Every member of IDA comes out of the program with a recorded song produced and co-written by an elite team of leaders. “This is a tremendous opportunity. This opens a lot of doors. Imagine showing up with a great song written by Mark Hudson to an audition,” Rudy Perez. “If you are prepared, when an opportunity like IDA comes around, success is not that far away,” Rudy Perez. For more information about this program visit MOVERS & SHAKERS: RUDY PEREZ & DAVID FRANGIONI

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Acting 101 – The Actor’s Resource

The ACTOR’S Resource Training The Acting School of South Florida Lori Wyman Casting TV/Film Auditioning Weekend Workshop Headshots Bob Lasky Paul Greco Agency List SAG Franchised Benz Model-Talent Agency 2211 7TH AVENUE TAMPA, FL 33605 813-242-4400 Diamond Agency, Inc. The 160 INTERNATIONAL PARKWAY SUITE 150 HEATHROW, FL 32746 407-830-4040 Elite Miami Model & Talent Agency 119 WASHINGTON AVE SUITE 501 MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 305-674-9500 Gilla Roos Miami 1000 5TH ST STE 203 MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 305-357-0601 Greer Models and Talent LLC, Karen 20205 NE 15TH COURT MIAMI, FL 33179 954-347-2486 Level Model and Talent Inc 12807 W HILLSBOROUGH AVE TAMPA, FL 33635 813-814-4944 Martin & Donalds Talent Agency 2131 HOLLYWOOD BLVD STE 304 HOLLYWOOD, FL 33020 954-921-2427 Runways, The Talent Group Inc. 1688 MERIDIAN AVENUE, MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 305-673-8245 Stellar Talent Agency 3001 W HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD, STE 303 HALLANDALE, FL 33009 954-241-7376 Unions Actor’s Equity SAG-AFTRA

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