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The Latest AI-Powered Personal Trainer

Leveraging years of building health and fitness applications, including the world’s leading back pain app, digital therapeutics pioneer Kaia Health is now launching Kaia Personal Trainer, the world’s first full-body virtual personal trainer which tracks exercises, creates personalized fitness plans, counts reps and provides real-time audio feedback.  The app is powered by …

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‘Pillow Talk’ With Sleeping Expert Dr. Adam Zuber

A good night sleep is essential to health. So what to blame, if you are not getting the satisfying great rest you deserve? If we believe the latest wave of commercials and articles on that topic: Blame it on your pillow! Sadly the pillow industry is a jungle full of …

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eMerge Yourself into the World of Technology

By Gisel Habibnejad Now in its third year, eMerge Americas is a two-day event hosting technological innovations through EXPO space experiences, networking interactions, and conferences. The EXPO floor included exhibitor booths, through which the latest innovations were displayed; a “Launchpad” of entrepreneurs who shared their experiences and inventions; a Hackathon …

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TRN: Access to Elite-Level Personal Training

By Gisel Habibnejad If you’re looking for all-access to personalized workout programs instantly, TRN has a solution for you. Now available in Miami, this health and fitness app covers four disciplines: general training, yoga, Pilates, and swimming. The app offers all functionalities to meet the needs of busy lives that …

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WoW Lens: The Future of Smartphone Cameras

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have completely customized our ways of living. It is now easier for people to pick and choose the content they like and incorporate it into their own profiles, allowing for them to comment and curate as they see necessary. The outcome? …

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Profile Picture Do’s & Don’ts For Men & Women

Dating App Advice from the Founders of MiCrush: Sonya Kreizman & Natasha Nova Dear men, if you are looking for that perfect girl to crush you on MiCrush, then follow these 5 tips to create the most swipe-worthy profile! DON’T post a picture of you and another girl. Is that your girlfriend? …

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Postmates Delivers with Delivery App

By Gisel Habibnejad Delivery service has reached a whole new level thanks to Postmates. Already launched in 13 cities across the country, this 24 hour delivery service has expanded to Miami. Through the Postmates app, restaurants and stores that do not offer a delivery option are now more accessible to …

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Cool Tech Gadgets

Ready to spend some of your hard earned cash on cool gadgets and tech but looking for something unique?  In the ongoing quest for the coolest tech, we sifted through the best gear out there and narrowed it down to our top picks.  Enjoy! By Eric Nathal Voice Control Amazon …


10 Tips to Becoming a More Mindful Smart Phone User

By Jacqueline Whitmore Last night while I was having dinner at a nice restaurant with my husband, I couldn’t help but notice the young, attractive couple sitting at the table next to us. They were clearly having a romantic dinner —with their smart phones.  The woman was checking her Facebook …

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Precious Cargo

By Eric Nathal Here at MSM we thrive on showcasing the latest trends in technology and hot new finds. This tech roundup will help you get more from your favorite activities, whether it’s listening to your favorite music or keeping track of precious cargo on your next getaway.   Designer Sound …