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Christine Bullock: The Evolution of Fitness

By Angela Betancourt
Photographed by Sarah Orbanic

Photographed by Harry Grisby

Christine Bullock is a triple threat. She is a fitness model, wellness expert, and fashion maven that has set a new standard in the industry and she is only getting started. She’s been voted “LA’s Hottest Trainer,” has been featured in dozens of national magazines and TV programs, and her Butt Lift DVD won top Pilates DVD of 2013.

Perhaps the only things more impressive than her accolades are her credentials. She has a BA in Psychology and Education and was a ballet dancer with the Pittsburg Ballet Theatre. She also has certificates in Pilates, Yoga, Barre, TRX, HIIT, Pre and Postnatal fitness, and nutrition.
Christine recently developed a new fitness series called “Evolution 20” which is a 60 day workout program and nutritional plan that requires only 20 minutes a day. As a busy woman herself, Christine saw an opportunity to create a program that would be effective and wouldn’t demand too much of our already busy lives.
Christine believes that fitness and nutrition are the keys to living life to the fullest. Eating well, exercising, and feeling good about yourself will not only get you ready for summer, but will enhance your overall quality of life. “Fitness is about creating the strongest version of yourself.”
In January Christine came to Miami to do a photo shoot for the all-natural Champion Naturals and shared a few words of wisdom on getting ready for summer and building a healthier life.
Don’t diet.
“Going on a diet is restrictive and it’s like a punishment. I eat more than the people around me but I eat healthy.” Instead, focus on eating healthier foods. The number one thing she would recommend everyone stop eating right now is sugar. Sugar is in everything including processed foods so it’s not the easiest thing to eliminate.

Mix up your workouts.
Get off the treadmill and try something different. “A 20-minute hard core work out is more effective than spending two hours doing the same thing.” Even celebrities in Hollywood have caught on to variety in working out. Christine points out that some Victoria Secret models have incorporated boxing to tone the upper body. Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna also mix things up. “Changing up your workout and tricking the body is what helps improve your physical form.”

Photographed by Maggie Zulovic

Stick to it.
Though eating well and increasing your fitness level will put you on the road to a healthier you, results will be minimal if you don’t stick to it. Finding the motivation to work out can sometimes be difficult. Christine suggests reaching out to a friend. Having someone workout with you makes you accountable for each other and can serve as extra motivation.

Push through it.
On particularly hard days when working out is the last thing you want to do, you just have to push through the feelings. “The first 10 minutes can be miserable,” describes Christine about her tough days. “But if you push past those 10 minutes eventually things get easier.”

Make a plan.
An effective way to commit to a workout plan, is to “schedule things into a calendar and make them nonnegotiable items on your to do list. When you schedule things into your day you are more likely to follow through.” This isn’t just true for workouts. On Sundays, Christine plans out all her meals and workouts for the week. She also prepares some of the ingredients beforehand; she makes hummus, salsas, and chops up vegetables so they’re ready to go.

Get the latest look.
Christine loves fashion and blogs about fashionable gear on her website. She believes that feeling confident while exercising is an important part in having a good workout and wearing the right outfit can make a big difference. One of her favorite places to shop is Carbon 38. They feature a massive variety of active wear for just about every activity. “They have 70-100 new arrivals every month and there is something for you no matter what your style.” Christine gravitates to their Michi and Alo Yoga collections and loves bright colored gym shorts and apparel for spring. Christine also recommends checking out Lorna Jane Active Living, which is also very hot right now.

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