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Interview by Nadja Atwal / Cover Photo by Aubrey Chandler
When Weronika Rogowska speaks, people pay attention. She is is not just stunningly beautiful, but communicates with a soft voice and great confidence while projecting humbleness and (self-)awareness.

She has been modeling since the age of 17 and lived in all the key fashion metropoles from Paris and London to Milan and now New York. This plus her academic backgrounds with her degree in Psychology, make a not just worldly but very educated person to listen to. She has countless stories about the world from experience and anecdotes about people that mix well with her analytical, perceptive mind. While still in love with her model life, she has been able to create a parallel career as a life coach and mostly devices her time between New York and Miami.

In New York she keeps expanding her academic horizon while Miami serves more as territory for inspiration. Pair that with her impeccable fashion style and her website plus her Instagram page – two platforms she uses which makes people’s lives better – and voila, you got one extraordinary influencer!

When did you realize the desire for female influences that embody the combination of beauty and brains?

I think being a female is a power in itself. All woman should realize the importance of developing her own potential. I want to teach women to never give up on their career. Princess Diana said smartly “People think that at the end of the day a man is the only answer. Actually a fulfilling job is better for me”. I love helping others and practicing positive psychology. What makes every woman beautiful is not physical appearance but passion and personality.

Do you think the overflow of pretty people just posing has lead to the desire for influencers that have actually something to say?

I think it’s a matter of choice. We all have something interesting to share but most of the influencers choose the easy way to exist in social media. They prefer just to pose in designer clothes and overuse photoshop. At the end of the day all of them look the same because there is no deeper philosophy attached to it. I’m trying to deliver value in whatever I’m doing. I believe in contribution and mental stimulation. If I’m able to help or inspire at least one person, then its a success. I’m against shallow, empty culture because I think it doesn’t motivate people but solely makes them more materialistic.

Since you offer people guidance that is aligned with your academic background (psychology), what are the typical questions people are asking you ?

They ask me about relationship advice, how to maintain positivity, how to accomplish happiness and inner peace. I’m trying to learn as much as I can so I can support people with useful advice. I see big power in team work and enhancing each other’s life. Sharing experiences and giving clues can save time and money. That’s why I’m working on a project that includes a special team of people who can help on a larger scale.

As an influencer what is the main goal you have with regards to your impact on people’s choices or behavior?

My main goal is to make people believe in themselves and love themselves so they can achieve whatever they want and make a difference in this world. I want to inspire others to be strong enough and brave enough to be who they are. Truth is hard to find in current times.

Which people on IG do you follow that inspire and maybe even guide you through their posts and why?

I follow motivational speakers, models who promote healthy lifestyle (like Nina Agdal), actors (like Charlize Theron, Reese Whiterspoon, Will Smith). I’m especially impressed by Reese Whiterspoon, as I admire her social activities and fight for woman’s rights. She impressed me with her campaign against domestic violence. People who stand out from the crowd and take action to change reality for the better are the most inspiring to me.

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