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Dance as a Form of Emotional Expression

By Alyse Mier

Photography Courtesy of Mady’s Dance Factory

Madeleine Richmond is a true testament of not allowing a tragic moment in your life define you. Both of Richmond’simage5 parents passed away from AIDS when she was 7 years old. She was left to conquer the world on her own and find ways to cope with her loss. She found that the best therapy came from dance. It became an emotional outlet for her. She was allowed to express any sadness or anger, or simply just express herself creatively. Her passion for dance lead her to open Mady’s Dance Factory to ensure that no child would ever feel like they are alone or isolated in this world. This unique dance studio is a place where underprivileged kids can come together and use dance as a form of self-expression. MSM took the time to interview Richmond and learn a little more about her personal story and what her vision for Mady’s Dance Factory is:

MSM: How is your dance studio different from other dance studios?
Madeleine Richmond: We are a family owned business that focuses on creating a close-knit neighborhood vibe. We act more like a family than a dance school. We offer programs that are specific to underprivileged kids, and help them become involved in what would otherwise be economically challenging activities.

MSM: What is your vision for community outreach? 
MR: Performing at numerous charity events and partnering with organizations that promote wellness and community. Some of the organizations that we will be partnering up with this year are the Alzeheimers Association Miami, AIDS Walk Miami, Cure Search for Children’s Cancer, and Relay for Life American Cancer Association. Our vision is to assist children who have lost family members and create an outlet for emotional expression.

MSM: How does your background inspire you to serve a particular community?  image4
MR: My parents passed away when I was 7 years old. Growing up without parents left me feeling isolated and alone. I missed out on many normal childhood experiences, which made me feel even more isolated. However, I found one outlet where I could be free to show how I was feeling–dance. I want to create an environment where kids can express their different personalities and life struggles through the art known as dance.

MSM: What do you hope to have accomplished five years from now? 
MR: To see the growth of kids through many different life experiences is always rewarding. I would want to be a role model, teacher, friend, mother, encourager, motivator and loving influencer in the lives of the kids within this community.

For more information on Mady’s Dance Factory, please visit

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