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Designer Cortney Novogratz Has Transformed Spaces for More Than 20 Years

By Justina Coronel

Cortney Novogratz, a hip and talented designer, has beenMSM Miami Shoot Magazine-TSS_Novogratz_Mix_01 transforming and creating amazing spaces for the past twenty years. With her husband, Robert, by her side for the past 25 years, these two have been able to blend and work together through their love of design. Cortney states, “It’s a nice balance to work with my husband because he can bring a masculine side and the mix of the two is really nice. He tends to go more modern; I’ll go more traditional or vintage.” Her fuel to keep going has been inspired through her children and through traveling while discovering unique colors and textures. From her first and most memorable project of the Bungalow Hotel in New Jersey to her most recent project involving a personal house that has been filmed the entire year and will be featured on With much experience, Cortney’s designer tip is to be completely unique, “Personalize your space. The biggest thing is to take risks.”

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