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Do it like Michael Phelps – Detox your mind

By Nadja Atwal
Many people all over the world were stunned when Olympian swimmer super star Michael Phelps opened up about his experience with anxiety and depression and how therapy saved his life. It showed that even those who seem to have it all can reach a stage where they feel absolutely hopeless and fearful. Phelps described his alarming experience like this: “I questioned whether I wanted to be alive anymore. I realized I am the strongest person I know, but I felt like the weakest”. Not surprisingly his project Talkspace (check and their instagram @talkspace) – an app that connects people with licensed therapists –  is a massive success due to high demand.

It is great news that people now dare to look inwards more and tackle their issues. We have been so consumed with physical fitness and looking great especially in a city like Miami, but we’ve grossly neglected the well-being of our mind. More celebrities are talking openly now about their past and present mental health challenges and events that may have caused them. The #MeToo movement certainly helped many to open up about their life-altering events. The average Joe and Jane feels encouraged to share their own issues with friends & family and yes, a therapist. But how can we act more preventative and improve our mental and emotional well-being so that we may avoid stages of severe depression or anxiety? Some mental diagnosis are beyond our control – but what about those circumstances where we could actively help to make ourselves feel better? If we can feel physically so much better after a few days of juicing, is there such thing as a little mental detox? A quick fix that makes us feel rejuvenated, more optimistic, balanced, and just simply better?

A new trend from Europe attempts to deliver a solution and many who tried it call it a game changer. Joachim Kaeser, famous for his many inventions and treatments on the physical and mental well-being front, developed a so-called “re-setting” that helps us to rid ourselves from emotional and mental baggage that weighs us down. Having gone through the diagnosis ‘cancer’ twice!, Kaeser knows what sincere physical and mental challenges look like.

“ I was my own test subject on both fronts”, says Kaeser – who resides mainly in Germany and Switzerland but sees clients from all over the world and who is planning to open an office in Brickell next year.

When asked about how to best explain his Re-setting method, Kaeser refers to our every day PC: “Just imagine a virus scanner on your PC. It scans for viruses that you do not see, but which hinder the perfect functioning of your programs on your PC – often without you knowing it. You too accumulate ‘viruses’ in the form of negative feelings such as disappointment, anger, anxiety – just to name a few. They develop their own activity deep in your subconscious mind and work against you and your life, often without you realizing it.  My mission was to develop a method that activated your own inner scanner for the purpose of detecting your unconscious and conscious issues – from the past to the present; issues that weigh you down and weaken you and can cause anything from mild stress to sincere burnout, fears, phobias, anxiety attacks or depression. While real psycho therapy is usually sought out when the issues already make us feel mentally and emotionally ill, I wanted to tackle the problems before we enter such a severe stage. A reliable prevention method with and immediate improvement effect”.

Many of his clients come to Kaeser with the so called burn-out syndrome which is surging also among very young people – especially in the finance world. “The increasing private and professional demands, the permanent availability and the individual setbacks that life experience brings to each of us all, that paired with the demand for mental stability is the basis for whether a person gets a burnout or not”.

“The development of a burnout is always the same. The soul suffers, the mind imperceptibly changes its world of thought and in the end the body is going on ‘protest’ mode and malfunctions. So it’s a chain reaction within our mind soul and body in a spiral of excessive demands. The result is helplessness and futility, which results in an inner and outer foreclosure. In my practice, I had people who could not even pronounce their name due to the burnout. As an expert in burnout with specialized training, I then started to use my Re-Setting method for prevention. Why? Because it makes you enormously resilient. The same way you boost your immune system to increase it’s resistance to a cold or flu. The effect: Your inner and also external constraints dissolve. You get a tremendous natural inner strength and energy. You feel like nothing and nobody can stop you. You become stronger  – inside and out. Another common experience many of us have had or can relate to is being frustrated over attracting the same bad situations – and people!  No one wants to become damaged goods. So freeing ourselves from mental and emotional excess baggage that makes us go in circles is obviously something that can only help” says Kaeser. 

As a result, Kaeser’s clientele is as diverse as our world itself. “It’s the soccer pro , the stay at home mom or dad, the stockbroker, the salesman, the student, the CEO. What they all have in common is the desire to improve their quality of life and the belief that they themselves may hold the key to it. “I’m just providing the tools” says Kaeser.
He has often been called the Success Doc and eventually accepted the compliment and turned it into his job description. “More profound than hiring a life coach but less intense than therapy. And for all us who seek instant gratification, there is good news: you do one session and instantly feel better. Clients describe it as a mix of feeling lighter and freer” says Kaeser.  I guess all of us could use a little mental detoxing that feels like an internal spring cleaning. But no matter what path you choose for improving your mental health: get healthy, get happy and enjoy this precious temporary thing called life!

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