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Etro Comes to Bal Habour

Italian designers are no strangers to the upscale universe of Bal Harbour; so it was no surprise that the Italian designer, Etro, known for his exceptional paisley prints and deluxe fabrics, settled in nicely to its new home officially Wednesday, November 13th, on the second floor of the grandiose shopping center.

2013-11-13 18.01.49

The night was done magnificently with the help of high-profile faces and even higher-priced items, draping the bodies of tall, statuesque models in an applause-worthy presentation of Etro’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection just outside the store. Christmas came early!

2013-11-13 17.55.51

Guests were greeted with edible delicacies, floating on the trays of young, fresh-faced servers, who made sure no one was left hungry, while cocktails occupied the refined palates of the privileged invitees. Silence was an apparent absconder at the cultivated fashion event; the musical notes of the Dj for the night, clouded the sound waves, but were overtaken by the chatter of the enthusiastic crowd that couldn’t keep quite about the arrival of one of their favorite designers.

2013-11-13 17.57.14

2013-11-13 17.16.07

2013-11-13 17.23.16

By Nycole Sariol

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