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Fairytale Come to Life

By Nycole Sariol

Driving up to the grandiose hotel may seem like a stroll down Cinderella Lane, but where the real enchantment remains, is hidden within the walls of the 7th level, past its corridors and into its spa of the classically historic Biltmore Hotel. Built in 1926, this colossal host to world-class travelers and locals alike has seemed to be one of the last reminisce of nostalgia that Miami so desperately pines. Its romantic décor and whimsical ambiance draws the attention to hundreds of weddings a year. The perfect glam squad is made ready to make sure the bride-to-be and her “maids” are accommodated, equipped with the best of the best makeup artists, brow specialist and massage therapist to ensure ultimate tranquility in the lap of luxury before the big day. The timeless quality of setting aside the pressures of day-to-day life and replacing it with restoration and replenishment for your mind, body and soul make coming to the Biltmore Spa not just a trip to your average destination spa, but an “experience” …The Biltmore experience.

After already accumulating an impressive list of de-stressing and pampering-induced delicacies whose main focus is to revive the epicenter of the body’s wellness by stimulating its vessel and awakening its awareness, mentally as much as physically, this ultimate retreat of serenity will be revamping it’s menu with acquisitions that not only take into account the art of ancient traditions such as ayurvedic practices, but the latest in cutting-edge technology, as well. “In our new menu that’s coming out November 1st, we’re going to be offering an Avianga massage, which is an ayurvedic style message. It’s all long, flowing, stroke-type movements and it’s about calming the nervous system and really opening up the meridian points, or the marma points, on the body, achieving the right flow of energy,” says Charlotte Prescott, Director of Spa and Fitness for the Biltmore Hotel.

“One of the other new additions that we are bringing in is a skin-care line called Circ-Cell. That, combined with a transdermal device, really provides an exceptional facial experience. The service is called micro channeling, where we create bit of a ‘wound healing’ affect in the skin, penetrating the products and the deeper dermal levels of the skin. The results are phenomenal!” she confesses. Prescott goes on to rave that this new, innovative service’s popularity amongst the locals will dominate due to absolutely no down time of recovery.

State-of-the-art techniques aren’t the only detail that’s selling us this season at the Biltmore! Each month, the spa offers a line-up of exclusive promotions to match the reputation of its exclusive clientele! This month, its a la cart specials are comprised of a “Wow Brow” service, giving your quintessential tweeze sesh a run for its money! “We’re taking it to another level with the launch of our ‘Wow Brow’ service, where we do a micro current mini-lift with New Face which is known for the 5-minute face lift. It really opens up your eyes and shows how you can change the shape of your brow with a simple 2-minute treatment that is regularly $15, but is launching this month for only $10!” she goes on to say.

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