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Floridians Turn To Solar Energy As A New Investment Strategy

By MSM Staff
Florida is known for its exceptional climate with abundant natural resources spread across the state. This makes the Sunshine State one of the global leaders in Renewable Energy, both in research, development and alternative fuel sources. However, after Hurricane Irma, it was clear that the issue of access to solar power was a massive problem in the State. With the power outage and the delay in restoring power supply, residents were forced to figure out how to power their households. This motivated most residents to consider switching to renewable energy by getting solar panels for their homes.

Although there was an initial restriction to this, the Sunshine State has decided to take a new turn with regards to solar power by approving the lease of Solar to Floridian households. With solar power being a more sustainable alternative for long-term electricity production, a significant number of residents are already making the switch. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Florida has the third greatest rooftop solar potential in the country. However, it ranks 14th in installed solar capacity. This new change in policy will boost the growth of both rooftops and utility solar installations in Florida. 

But what is even more worth noting about the solar energy concept is that it presents an intriguing new investment concept. In the US companies like Commtrade Solar Group attract clients with a Solar Tax Equity  strategy which can be used (and this is just one of several positive aspects) to significantly lower or even totally eliminate your Federal income tax.  

Other Floridians are turning to European sources for their solar investment strategy.

“ It’s remarkable how many inquiries we keep getting from American investors. They see the profitable energy market and want to use the state guarantees of the largest European economy here in Germany” said Andreas Becker, representative, Lightcore Energy.

What companies like Lightcore do is to propose a very easy and transparent concept for private investors to become a solar power plant owner with sizable, predictable returns. At the same time, investors find the idea appealing that they are part of an environmentally friendly production that benefits not just them but our future generations.
Having one of the highest irradiation levels and fast-growing demand, investors are beginning to see companies like this as more than a bet on energy prices. One’s investment guarantees at least 7% annual growth for 20 years – independent of price fluctuations in the energy market . As a result no one is surprised that  investors are excited about solar power plants and, of course,  Brickell is all over this.
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