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Fox Nation is launching with Tyrus as its (not so secret ) weapon

Interview by Nadja Atwal
There is a new infotainment giant waiting to take over the net:  Fox Nation is a new subscription digital streaming service with no cable package necessary. The digital streaming service is effectively designed to enhance your cable subscription experience. The motto is simple and strong: “Opinion Done Right.” And what is extra fun for the audience is that it will initially launch as an ad free experience (let’s enjoy that while it lasts).
One of the star hosts of Fox Nation is former wrestling star (ex-bodyguard to Snoop Dog, yes, you read that right)  and current Co-host of the Greg Gutfeld show TYRUS. Just one name. Like Madonna … Drake, oh or his Foxnews colleague Kennedy. Who would hide a real last name like Murdoch? Well, Tyrus doesn’t need it. It does amuse him however when people speculate whether or not he is part of the Murdoch dynasty. We met Tyrus for a little interview at his studio where he impressed us with a bedazzling mix of warmth and wit (we laughed tears on several occasions).  Add his striking authenticity and you got a real rock star … or Fox star. Aside from the classic interview talk we had a side chat about politics (my view on US politics as a political commentator from Europe always makes for fun talking points). And at the end of our meeting Tyrus invited me to be a future guest on the show. So all around it was a well spent morning at the FoxNation headquarter in NY …
People know you from the Greg Gutfeld show where you and Greg review the hot topics of the week with humor and great wit. How did this collaboration start?
I always liked Greg’s show and was simply watching at home and then tweeting him at one point, complementing him on how well he made a certain point. He tweeted me back and ultimately invited me as a guest on his show. We hit it off and the audience loved our interaction so much that I became Greg’s so- called “side kick” on the show.
What a switch from the wrestling world and beforehand being part of the Snoop Dog clan as the bodyguard. I heard you experimented around with names for a while and i’m glad Tyrus is where you left it but tell us about the other names you gambled with?
Yeah, when I left Snoop and successfully entered the wrestling world, I wanted to use the name Broadus, Snoops real last name, out of respect for him. So I came up with Broadus Pryor, since I was a big Richard Pryor fan. But my mentor at that time said “Broadus Pryor”? That sound like a creepy reverent. He liked Broadus Clay though. Like Cassius Clay. So that became my character.
Hey, no better thought association for winning in the ring than good old Muhammad Ali …
Yes. And then later I ended up with Tyrus ultimately when the WWE and I parted ways.
Well, one does play a role when in the ring as a wrestler. Tyrus sounds strong and surely is unique; when you google Tyrus only you come up.
Yes, there is only me … and some demon from somewhere in the bible. And he didn’t get a lot of play out of that though … I mean even Kane got more play than Tyrus!
Well, it’s always good to be unique … and feared, right? And now the man with the perfect name will  inform and entertain us on Fox Nation! Please, tell us about the show.
My co-host and I will review the hot topics, but focus on one guest per show. The title of the show is exactly what our viewers can expect: UN PC. It’s planned to run around 25 minutes and we plan on 4-5 minutes per topic per show but look,  if something strikes a chord we’ll stay on that topic longer. The flow of the show dictates how it goes …
Did you know your co-host Britt McHenry before you were teamed up?
Only what I read about her in the news which was partially controversial. Never met her personally though , so naturally I did not know what to expect. But I approached her with a very open mind and when we met, we tried something very refreshing: total honesty with each other! We now know exactly where the other is coming from and are working out well as a team. I also took my writer from Greg Gutfeld show with me to this show, so expect lots of fun.
Sounds like perfect infotainment. And what about when the lights go off ? We heard you frequent Miami for some family fun and relaxation …
Yes,  I spend a lot of time there with my kids. And I don’t just enjoy the beach – I love the animal parks! All result of my great passion for the documentaries by the great Sir Richard Attenborough. So it has become a regular thing to a point where you can guess that this guy you spot who feeds the giraffe must be me (laughs).
Where do you hang out to kick back and relax with a drink when in Miami?
Oh, when I am in Miami, there is lots of Dave & Buster’s happening. Lot’s of it!
Can’t be easy to stay undercover given your height. People must be approaching you all the time …
(laughs) Oh, yes they do … There is nothing I can do about sticking out in the crowd  anymore – and its not just my height. I mean look at me? Aside from being 6 ft 7 inches tall, my arms are covered in tattoos, I have darker skin but green eyes, plus I’m always a biscuit away from being fat (laughs). But it’s all good.  I really appreciate the fans and support.

Thank you Tyrus, we will be watching and are wishing you great success with your show.


MSMOnline Editor-in-Chief Nadja Atwal with Tyrus at Fox Nation

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