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Fresh is Better: Healthy Eating Made Simple

By Gisel Habibnejad

In Miami, living busy lives with fast-paced schedules leave little room for healthy meals due to time constraints. Fresh is Better has developed the ultimate solution for this—a daily gourmet meal delivery system that guarantees flavorful healthy options.

The company is dedicated to making your life easier by providing convenient options from its delivery style to ready-to-eat meals. Not only this, their never-frozen philosophy stays true to customers: “We believe in living in a sustainable way, so wherever possible our fresh fruits and vegetables are grown locally and without the use of pesticides. The lean protein is hormone and antibiotic free, the fresh seafood is mostly caught right in the Florida waters, and even our compostable delivery containers were chosen with an eye to our responsibilities to the environment.”

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So how do you get started? You begin by choosing your preferred meal plan (Traditional, Paleo, Vegetarian, or Gluten-free). Next, select how many meals you wish to receive daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks). You can also pick between three meal sizes (trim, lifestyle, or pro) and indicate if you have any food allergies. And finally, your daily meals will be quietly dropped off at your doorstep sometime in the night.

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Each morning, you will be greeted with a cooler filled with ice bricks and your meals for the day. The cooler bags also come with your daily menu explaining each meal from the ingredients to the calories. These bags are so efficient; you can take them with you to work, run errands, etc.

It’s impossible for you to ever get bored of the meals, as each day’s meals are completely different from the day before. FIB has one main goal—to satisfy your taste buds in a healthy manner through convenient delivery!

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