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Gallery Nights SLS Style

By Nycole Sariol

Every Wednesday, a colorful audience flocks to the sushi-hall of fame, Katsuya at the SLS Miami Beach, to witness the long-awaited makings of local artists in the South Florida community, otherwise known as Gallery Nights. This week, the likes of the oh-so talented Claudio Picasso showed us a thing or two about long brush-strokes mixed with smoky undertones to create a monochromatic concept.

2013-10-14 16.02.22

“I tend to find that old monochromatic photos translate well when I’m actually going to do something in one tone and, also, it gives it an interesting classical feel,” the young artist speaks of his recent collection.

One-tone wonders weren’t the only piece of art that was floating around the Dragon Lounge that night. The “Saki Sangria”, a translucent drink of choice at Katsuya, turned evening hand accessory, a refresher made to stimulate mind and body while pondering the omnipresent art that filled the room, made with flavored Bacardi, white cranberry juice and saki, infused with yuzu and basic syrup, topped off with some cubed Fiji Apples and oranges.

2013-10-14 17.09.59

To close off the night, Deborah Gutierrez, Katsuya’s general manager, presented the unveiling of the Saki bottle for the week; in which the artist for that week dedicates a custom-made Saki bottle to his or her special guest for the evening, in this case, going to Sunita Bhagwan of Hot Listings Miami and her husband, Brandon.

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