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#GIRLBOSS… The Book Review

By Katie Jackson

#GIRLBOSS will leave you wanting to create your own empire—and to always believe in yourself

If you’re in need of an inspirational pick-me-up that will leave you ready to start living out your dreams, #GIRLBOSS is an absolute must-read. Sophia Amoruso, CEO and founder of the leading fashion retailer Nasty Gal, shares her story of how she went from a dumpster-diving, community college dropout to the leader of a 100 million dollar company. In her fascinating fashion tell-all, Amoruso fills in the blanks of her inspirational life, while also providing advice that proves that you can make something out of nothing with pure passion and drive.

Within the #GIRLBOSS pages, you will learn how Amoruso launched, merchandised, styled, and photographed the models (whom she paid in burgers) for her original online store called Nasty Gal Vintage all on her own. You will see how she went from a one-woman band working from her bed in a pool house with no kitchen in Pleasant Hill, California, to overseeing more than 350 employees in a gigantic office in Los Angeles.

But while details of Amoruso’s monumental rise provide crucial business and marketing tips, perhaps what is most interesting about #GIRLBOSS is Amoruso’s emotionally wise insight and ability to inspire others through her own life lessons. Each chapter of the book is accompanied with a profound quote from a leader in the fashion, business, political or art world (e.g. Chapter Eight’s quote, “I never dreamed about success, I worked for it,” by Estee Lauder). Within each chapter, Amoruso applies that quote to her own life and provides up-front and honest wisdom in which everyone, women and men, can learn.

In addition, snippets called “Portrait of a #GIRLBOSS” are included throughout the book. Refinery 29’s editor-in-chief Christene Barberich, blogger Alexi Wasser of “I’m Boy Crazy,” Nasty Gal’s own buying director Christina Ferrucci, and senior stylist Ashley Glorioso among others give tips from their own successes that tie into Amoruso’s overall theme of triumph through honest passion, hard work, and belief in yourself.

For someone who was once classified as a “dumpster-diver,” Amoruso certainly seems to have it all figured out, not only in business, but in life as well. There’s a reason acclaimed publications such as the New York Times, Forbes, and Elle are raving about Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS: it’s simply amazing. Spare yourself the regret and get your copy ASAP.

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