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Hausammann Gallery Presents Triple Shot and The Unseen Colors

By Justina Coronel

Wynwood Art District is the epicenter of Miami’s arts, where you can find walls and warehouses splashed with colorful street art and stroked with a creative atmosphere in an enriching environment.


The Hausammann Gallery in Wynwood, known for its displays on the latest trends of urban art, opened its doors Thursday night for the art exhibition Triple Shot that featured the three of the main leaders of the Graffiti Movement.

Triple Shot focused on the vibrant, vivid, and exquisite works of these well-known graffiti artists: Poesia, Rae Martini, and Raptuz.


Poesia, from San Francisco Bay, has been creating graffiti for twenty-five years and has been internationally shown in cities such as London and Paris. Rae Martini portrayed his early work by coloring the streets and trains in Europe since 1990. He has created powerful images from his past work on trains to conceptual paintings on canvas. Raptuz, from Milan, has been doing graffiti for almost 30 years and is the co-founder of the Italian historical TDK crew.

But the graffittism wasn’t the only form of art expression in the room. The gallery also featured the latest book of Italian writer, Marc Di Maggio.


As Di Maggio introduced his new book, The Unseen Colors of the 40s, he also described how the book purchases would have a percentage of the proceeds donated to Joe Di Maggio Children’s Foundation.

The guests sipped on champagne and enjoyed the deliciousness of traditional Peruvian samples while they observed and glanced around the gallery. Most importantly, through a purchase of a book, guests were able to contribute to those in need for the Joe Di Maggio Children’s Foundation.

Now that’s a work of heart.

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