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Hello, Hausammann!

By Jessica Faroy
Photography by Alex Medina

Outside, men moved their hands: a sharp slap of the palm, a graceful gesture of the wrist, a swift stroke of the fingers. All leading to shoulder grasps, handshakes and texting exchanges. On the steps of the doorway these habitual movements made the Hausammann Gallery feel all the more welcoming. Just inside stood Cope2. Composed and concentrated, his hands swayed to their own movement. A spray can was held in his palm, and with his finger on the nozzle and his wrist moving in grace, he performed live art in his solo exhibition.

On Saturday, March 14th, the Hausammann Gallery opened their doors to Wynwood. Owned by Frederico and Beatrice Hausammann, the third generation of the Hausammann lineage of Cortina, Italy, their partnership has now brought another gallery to Wynwood. The expansion and decade-long commitment is their way of showing an admiration for the preservation of art and the society it circles around. Known for being observers of contemporary art, their transition to another continent seems to be justified by the urban culture Wynwood offers artists. Regarding their move, Beatrice commented, “We want to be part of the street art scene and what better place than Wynwood to do that!” The growing art community is known for their graffiti, wall-paintings and galleries, all lining up to add to the 21st century contemporary art movement.


With the time that the Hausammanns have been in Miami, it has proved to be a learning experience for them. “The people that we have met, have been friendly and we believe that the art scene will continue to grow in the future,” says Beatrice. With this growth in mind, the Hausammanns seem to want to tackle a particularly popular subject in contemporary art – street art. The gallery opening, featuring long time friend and great business connection, street artist Cope2, showed viewers the gallery’s interest in street-art and their attempts to have gallery selections “reflect modern culture.” However, with countless galleries and countless artistic expression, what exactly can the Hausammann Gallery offer Wynwood? According to Beatrice, “the gallery will not only contribute to charity with unique projects, but be an outlet for local artists to express themselves. [Wynwood is] a strong art community, with some artists making great strides in the global art community.”

After the grand opening of the gallery, spectators were left questioning future projects, exhibitions and collaborations. The Hausammanns did not budge. The only insight they gave was an alluring “stay tuned.” To those familiar with the Hausammann Gallery in Cortina, expect to see some parallel projects. As for those familiar with local artists, Beatrice revealed interest in street artists Cale and Atomik, elaborating, “We were lucky to have met Cale, an international renowned artist from Los Angeles, and Atomik, a Miami based artist, that we are going to feature in our upcoming art fair in Germany.”

The Hausammann Gallery is located at
251 NW 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127
For more information on the Hausammann Gallery, please visit

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