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Hop on the Acoustic Carpet

By Michèle Bigler

The Arts & Entertainment district has been coming on strong with complimentary cultural gatherings that are buzzing all over town. Most recently, MSM attended “The Acoustic Carpet” a concert that was held in Canvas’ cozy backyard. The stage strategically sported an Egyptian-like carpet that assisted in escorting attendees on a musical journey guided by artists Keith Johns, Noah Nite and the local starlet Rafa Jo Harris.

The night kicked off with Michael Scott from Miami’s WLRN reciting a kind introduction to newcomer and former scientist Keith Johns whose set featured melodic tunes accompanied by romantic lyrics such as “I’ll be your music box, just wind me up and lean in close.” His performance went down parallel with the sun and lead into a short yet pleasant solo act by Noah Nite including “The Androids” an obvious and playful rendition to Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep a piece you might know better as the movie Blade Runner. Nite strummed along to the tune of Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose” which resulted in a kitsch combination of both iconic pieces.

Noah then switched roles from protagonist to drummer and passed his leading spot to Rafa Jo Harris and Max Johnson as they transformed into Rafa Jo and The Heavy Smokers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the local singer and songwriter, Rafa Jo is a magician with words. She slithers out verses with quirky grace and goofy innuendos. Tuesday night was no exception Rafa Jo belched out a compilation of strategically interlaced stories that brushed the ephemerality of love and what follows thereafter. It was a true spectacle enhanced by a cool breeze and the crowd gamboling around as the trio played their closing songs.

Evidently, the show was accompanied by Canvas’ charming location, a place that offers locals access to intimate gatherings in the heart of the Arts & Entertainment district. The cement-paved area bears a couple of trees and is decorated with Christmas lights and a stunning view of Miami high-rises. Their events usually cater to the foodie and music junkies. This time around refreshing brews were available as well as food trucks 221 Café and Samo Bistro with a variation of organic treats, burgers and such. If you’re interested, Canvas will be hosting a number of promising events in May that come free of cost with a simple reservation.

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