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JOANNA KRUPA 2.0  Miami’s Favorite Supermodel Keeps Getting Better


Hypnotizing lashes by Joanna Krupa
Photographer: @MarcinSowa  
Hair & Make up: Tony Yates

Interviewed by Nadja Atwal
Joanna Krupa is one of those few women I have enjoyed having in my life for many many years. One rarely finds people who have a big heart and big personality (and all that wrapped up in stunning looks). What always impressed me most with her was what a quick learner she has always been. I recall a million dollar charity poker tournament she entered many moons ago organized by Trump. She was one of the very few celebrities there who had never played before, but still wanted to do it and simply got a mini crash course on site. Naturally neither Jojo (how many of her friends call her) nor I had any expectations for her to make it even to the 2nd round. Well, … she won the whole damn thing  – for a great cause –  and next thing I know she was playing at the World Series of Poker in Vegas as one of the last celebrities standing.

On the contrary, many young models I meet today who not only bore me to tears but also offend me with their I-am-hot-so-gimme attitude, Joanna never had a sense of entitlement just because she was beautiful. She always impressed with a humble, cordial, dependable, hard working personality … unlike many people from LA she is on time! Her family values are profound and rare and most of her friends have been with her for too many years to count.

Her love for animals goes way beyond showing up for some charity event – which is really all that most celebs invest. Krupa has put her reputation on the line to make a stand for animals via controversial PETA campaigns or confronting celebrities who make business with selling or wearing fur products. 

She would rescue dogs from shelters, keep as many as she could in her house and others she would raise funds for to pay for their needed surgeries and put them with new owners (for that matter I encourage you to check out her charity site Last but not least on the looks front she has become even more beautiful and is busier than ever as a model, host and business woman. Of course, like all of us she has had her fair share of tough life lessons. Her latest one was the divorce from husband Miami Businessman Romain Zago. But while others would have likely used this experience as an excuse to become bitter or drown in self-pity, Joanna simply turned lemons into lemonade. I spoke with her exclusively about life, loss and lessons learned.

NA: You had a lot of changes in the last 12 months to put it mildly …

JK: Oh yes, my life changed drastically. From being with someone for 10 years to a separation and divorce to being engaged to my new love not even a year later to now planning a family …

NA: That is beyond a lot … especially since a divorce always feels a like a loss, as obviously the idea was to stay together forever when you tied the knot …

JK: Definitely, I felt initially that my world was falling apart. But shock and sadness quickly turned into gratefulness. I am so grateful to have had such a best friend for so many years, cause that’s what Romain was and we are still close friends today. Our marriage was a great learning experience and made us both better in the end. The divorce also made me look at life differently; it was a wake up call, because while my career was and is important, I needed to be serious about family planning, if I wanted children. So I would have to adjust my life accordingly. And suddenly my biggest fear was: what if I didn’t find the right person to start a family with? Thankfully it was in my stars to meet the right person. And rather quickly!  I followed the very advice that I preach to others: be positive, love yourself, learn from every experience and apply that knowledge. 

NA: How is your life now? And have your priorities changed at all?

JK: My life is great right now. Overall I have always been a happy person and grateful for what I have. I think I became a better, stronger person though and yes, my priorities have changed … I love my work, but my significant other comes first and I want to be a mother. It helps that my fiancée lives in LA, like I do. During my last marriage we were apart too often and I learned from that to not repeat that long distance relationship model again. 

NA: As if being in LA and Miami wasn’t enough, you have created a triangle that involves Poland where you have been the host of Poland ’s Next Top Model for many years. Still going strong?

JK: Yes and I’m so very thankful for being the host and a judge on this amazing show. We are now filming the 7th season and I guess it’s one of the highest rated shows in Poland because we always keep it fresh with new challenges for the contestants and we‘ve had lots of international filming. Plus unlike several other talent shows where the contestants don’t get many opportunities afterwards, ours provides the contestants with real opportunities to work in the fashion and entertainment industry. And the audience keeps following the next steps that those contestants take. Our show has real success stories.

NA: What other projects are on the horizon ?

JK: I’m getting more and more involved in the business side of things that I’m passionate about. The cover shoot is featuring my line of false lashes, for example. I’ll be launching a few more products, one has to do with fitness and another with a very innovative skincare.  Then another project with, of course, animals is coming up. So stay tuned and follow me on social media, as it will be revealed soon.

NA: What stuns me and many of your fans is that you don’t seam to age, yet your look is so natural … unlike others in the Hollywood community. You must have some beauty secrets. Please share.

JK: Oh, thank you! Well, I have become more disciplined on the work out front over the years. Before I would just stay home, if I was exhausted. Now I push myself to take that spinning class or go on that hike. You are what you eat, so I focus on organic food. But I will confess I’m not always a healthy eater. I also like my fries and pizza on occasion. And I don’t beat myself up anymore when I gain a few pounds. On that front I allow myself more freedom, since I’m working more and more as a business woman.  Now on the skin front I am very strict. I don’t lay in the sun. I seek the shade and use self-tanner to get my desired color. From an early age my mom taught me to wear sunglasses, so you don’t squint and protect your thin skin around the eyes from creasing.  When it comes to skincare,  I’m religious about moisturizing; I pay great attention to the ingredients and avoid products that are tested on animals. Otherwise I guess shaping my life in a way that I’m doing things I am passionate about and just actively seeking happiness – the ‘feeling great’ enables the ‘looking better’ after all.

NA: While many models and actresses often seem to use charity campaigns to simply elevate their own image, you have always been dedicated and hands on when it came to helping animals.

JK: It drives me crazy when people basically just use the misery of animals to elevate their image while not really doing much to help the cause they seemingly support. But I believe in karma and what goes around, comes around. For me it has been always very important to be hands on and also to educate people on the pressing issues.  As a result, it means so much to me when people write me “ I just adopted from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder.” or “ Thank you for spreading awareness with regards to those horrible fur farms – I don’t wear fur anymore”. These people then influence their friends and it becomes a beautiful ripple effect. So this fuels my motivation to keep going on that front.

NA: Now even though you look like you just arrived in Hollywood, you have lived there now for many years. What do you dislike in LA and how is is compared to Miami?

JK: Yes, I’ve lived in LA for 18 years!  I love LA, … sure it can be challenging to find people with substance and who are humble, … but same goes for Miami.  LA is a film metropole and Miami has a big model industry. So this naturally also attracts many superficial people and some come big ego on top … but you can find jerks and good people everywhere, no matter, if you are in the middle of nowhere or a big city.

NA: Obviously our readers would love to bump into you whenever you ‘re here in Miami. When you come to town, what is your favorite fun place?

JK: My favorite place to enjoy a great night out with friends:  Mynt!  And I don’t say that because my ex-husband, with whom I’m still very good friends,  owns it. I was already dancing at Mynt when we didn’t know each other. So, yes, after all these years it is still my favorite club. Looking forward to dancing the night away there soon.

Joanna, thank you for this interview.
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