Miami Shoot

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Interviewed By Katie Jackson
Photographed by Alessandra Fiorini
Hair & Makeup by Tony Yates
Styled by Katie Jackson
Set Assistant: Nycole Sariol
Location: 1100 Millecento Brickell


Most know Joanna Krupa as the mega successful supermodel who has graced the covers of major publications including Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour, or as the star of the hit reality television shows Dancing with the Stars and The Real Housewives of Miami. But the Polish-American beauty’s success goes far beyond her glamorous glossy magazine covers and stints on TV. Krupa is leading a powerful movement against animal cruelty, actively protesting the injustice that happens to innocent animals every day. In providing care for abandoned animals through her organization Angels for Animal Rescue, participating in campaigns for PETA, and blasting animal cruelty on her social media accounts, Krupa has helped save thousands of animals’ lives. To this day, Krupa lives and breathes her beliefs, making her not only an icon in the fashion industry, but also an example of how to relentlessly stand up for a cause in which you truly believe.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Krupa moved to the United States at a young age and worked her way up to becoming one of the most successful supermodels. After landing high-profi le spreads in magazines and roles in multiple movies and television shows, Krupa was approached to become a part of the cast of The Real Housewives of Miami, a reality television show surrounding the lives of several glamorous women living in the Magic City. The show highlighted Krupa’s relationship with now husband and Mynt Lounge owner Romain Zago, airing their nuptials on the Season 3 finale. Through the series, Krupa has remained friends with a few of the RHOM cast members, including Miami’s go-to celebrity dentist Karent Sierra. “One of the best things that came out of the show was my friendship with Karent,” said Krupa. “She is one of my closest friends.”


Since the show’s last season, Krupa has been enjoying being a newlywed while also maintaining a busy career schedule and traveling back and forth between her homes in Miami and Los Angeles. Most of Krupa’s projects are based in L.A., while Zago’s are in Miami. Though she admits that living a bi-coastal lifestyle provides its diffi culties, Krupa says it is crucial to maintaining both her career and a healthy marriage with Zago. “We make it work because we have no other choice,” said Krupa. “Neither one of us want to give up our careers. But when we are ready to start a family we will have to be based in one city when our kids start school.”

In addition to her marriage and career, Krupa has made animal activism an immensely important priority in her life. Always an animal lover, Krupa realized the horrific cruelty millions of animals experience after watching a PETA—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals—video. “I saw the way animals are skinned alive for their fur, and I had to do something,” said Krupa. “I had to help spread awareness and be a voice for the voiceless and defenseless. I decided to dedicate my life to do whatever I possibly could to spread the message on all types of animal cruelty until the day that I die.”

Krupa began participating in PETA campaigns, bringing worldwide attention to animal cruelty and the anti-fur movement. After becoming one of PETA’s most successful models, Krupa led animal cruelty protests before deciding to create her own non-profit organization Angels for Animal Rescue. “There are so many big organizations out there where you don’t know exactly where the money is going,” said Krupa. “So I wanted to open my own organization where I know that one hundred percent of the money is going to the animals.” While Krupa’s organization is small—it is run solely by Krupa, her rescue partner Gabi Gutierrez, and sister Marta—Angels for Animal Rescue has been responsible for saving thousands of animals’ lives. “We rescue all kinds of animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, chickens, etc.,” said Krupa. “But since we don’t have our own facility we rely on donations and fosters to grow our rescue efforts so we can keep saving lives.”


But Krupa’s animal activism does not end there. Krupa has also spoken out against animal testing, and even decided to create her own cruelty-free skincare line, Cellogica. “I wanted products that really work and that aren’t tested on animals,” said Krupa. “There is no reason at all to test on poor, innocent animals for products.” Cellogica uses natural
ingredients to reverse the signs of ageing at the cellular level. “There is a day cream and a night cream, and they both do their individual magic which makes them a great team.”

As far as her successful modeling and TV career, Krupa will soon be jetting off to her homeland for Season 5 of Poland’s Next Top Model, and then head back to L.A. to shoot a movie where she—very fittingly—will play an animal activist. But no matter what prominent project Krupa takes on, it is evident that she models so much more than the latest chic fashions and sultry swimwear.

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