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La Collaborazione


By Reagan Lightsey

Photo by Henry Perez



After first seeing Miami artist Noel’s dramatic images that seem to jump right off the canvas, it is no wonder that Uberto Gucci – of the famed fashion family of the same name – decided to collaborate with him in creating “La Collaborazione”: an unprecedented event that premiered on November 17th. The exhibit, held at the newly renovated Miami Beach Botanical Garden, was followed by a reception at the Raleigh Hotel. The first two paintings of La Collaborazione, were unveiled by Noel and Uberto Gucci during Noel’s 2010 Mediterranean exhibits.

“I wanted to concentrate in the origins of the Gucci family,” said Noel of the collection. “That’s why I decided to pay homage to their original equestrian designs and the family’s love for horses -which it was what they started designing before it became a major fashion house.” Not only did Noel focus on the original concept of the fashion house as a whole, but he also concentrated on the foundation of the Gucci family’s birthplace, Florence, Italy.  “Of course, because they are originally from Florence, I was inspired by it, as well, since it is the birthplace of the Renaissance,” said Noel. “I mixed my style – the classical element that it already has with the foundation of the family’s design of everything equestrian.” By weaving authentic scarves, leather and horse bits that were originally used as accessories for the riders (granted to him straight from the Gucci family archives!) into his work, Noel certainly captured the air of sophistication that accompanies the family name. “My work is known for its dimension and movement,” explained Noel, “which is why it was easy to add the actual 3D elements into it…I used the scarves to create a cohesive scene with the whole collection…The elements on the paintings are directly from the original accessories made by the Gucci family.” Truly, the seamless incorporation of these renowned pieces provided by Uberto Gucci is something to behold.  If fashion, is indeed, wearable art, then this collection is certainly a celebration of the two worlds colliding.

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