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LA MUSA Awards Induction Gala 2015


By Gisel Habibnejad
Photography Courtesy of AR ENTERTAINMENT & LSHOF

On October 18, 2012 history was made when the Nominating Committee and Board of Directors had their first meeting to establish The Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame. “I was driven by my passion to honor the greatest Latin SongwritersLatin_Songwriter_10_logo+symbol of all time,” shares Rudy Peréz, LSHOF Co-Founder and President, who joined forces with Desmond Child, LSHOF Co-Founder and Chairman, to create the organization. With the celebration of the musical accomplishments of Spanish and Portuguese icons as its driving force, these music titans will never be forgotten.

In efforts to support and educate those aspiring to pursue a career in the music world, workshops, showcases, and scholarships are put into the hands of the next musically inclined generation. “Our immediate goals are to continue inspiring new generations of songwriters through our Masterclass In The Round series and ongoing digital initiatives,” says Peréz.

Once a year, The Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame committee comes together to celebrate inductees and honorees with LA MUSA Awards Induction Gala. Special performances by artists currently making waves and presenters honoring their peers take place throughout the night.

While the night is full of laughs and tears, the induction process is hard work. Involving singers, producers, songwriters, recording engineers, and performing rights organization representatives, the awards aren’t just handed to anyone. Some of the requirements include having their first big hit at least 20 years prior. The amount of significant influence they’ve had on other artists is also taken into consideration.

The award trophy itself has a beautiful story behind it. The design was inspired by cofounder, Desmond Child’s mother in order to preserve her legacy and symbolize the meaning of the award. “In 2012 after my mother, the Cuban poet and songwriter Elena Casals passed away. I felt a strong need to create a legacy in her honor that would educate, preserve, honor and celebrate the lives and music of the world’s greatest Latin music songwriters and composers and encourage future generations of music creators in every genre,” recalls Child.

Rudy Perez President of Latin Songwriters in studio_sm
Rudy Peréz President & Co-Founder of LSHOF
Desmond Child, LSHOF Co-Founder & Chairman
Desmond Child, LSHOF Co-Founder & Chairman

Of course, none of this would be possible without the founders. Rudy Peréz, LSHOF Co-Founder and President, has made an impact in the music industry for the last 30 years writing about 300 #1 hit songs and being pronounced “Producer of the Decade” by Billboard Magazine with five Grammy wins. Fellow musical veteran of 40 years, LSHOF Co-Founder and Chairman, Desmond Child has sold 300 million albums worldwide and has worked with artists such as Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, and Aerosmith.

In addition to honoring the biggest musical influences in the industry, they make it a priority to preserve an endless appreciation to songwriters who often become the unsung heroes of the music business. “We stand with them in solidarity so they will be able to make careers out of what they do best, which is to write the classic songs that we’ll be honoring at the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame far into the future,” declares Child.

The Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame may be young, but the future only looks brighter with a museum in Miami and a traveling exhibition currently in the works. “We are in the planning stages of creating an interactive Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame Museum Experience that will be a must see tourist attraction in Miami,” reveals Peréz.

Gloria & Emilio Estefan_sm
Gloria & Emilio Estefan 2014

For now, we can celebrate Latin music and its pioneers through LA MUSA Awards Induction Gala which will take place on Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 7pm at The Fillmore Miami Beach Jackie Gleason Theatre. “This year we have many surprises in store, you will see unique performances that you’ll never see anywhere else, as well as a stellar line up of iconic legends and contemporary superstars all accompanied by the great La Musa Orchestra conducted by Maestro Eduardo Marturet of the Miami Symphony Orchestra,” shares Peréz. The upscale event will induct Hector Ochoa Cardenas, Emilio Estefan, Myriam Hernadez, Gustavo Santaolalla, Alvaro Torres, and Diego Torres. The 2015 Honorees include Beto Cuevas, Fonseca, Alejandra Guzman, Quincy Jones, and Rita Moreno. 

LA MUSA Awards Induction Gala will take place on Thursday, October 15, 2015
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