Ladurée Launches Easter Treats

By Gisel Habibnejad

The most authentic macaroons made to perfection can be found at Ladurée on Lincoln Road. Stepping into the pastry shop feels as if you’ve teleported to Paris as it embodies the true essence of the City of Love. Several macaroon flavors wait to be indulged by its consumers. The soft texture and sensational light flavors do wonders to help you truly feel as though you have spent the afternoon in France. The milkshakes and ice cream mustn’t be forgotten as they complete the experience. The French eatery has prided itself in creating the tastiest and most authentic macaroons, teas, milkshakes, ice cream, candles, and more.

Photography by Camilo Rios

Photography by Camilo Rios

Throughout the month of March, the boutique has been perfectly decorated with the Easter theme as they launched their Easter Collection. The carefully crafted collection includes chocolate eggs, which have been detailed to perfection from its flavor down to its presentation.

Hens with Golden Eggs Box

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Laduree-Lincoln Road-Poule Paques 2016 NOIRE_B
The box includes four hens of assorted flavored chocolates each filled with crispy chocolate pearls.

Soufflés Eggs

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Laduree-Lincoln Road-Oeufs Paques 2016 petite taille LAIT_B
Chocolate eggs filled with chocolate figurines.

Almond Eggs

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Laduree-Lincoln Road-Oeufs Paques 2016 grande taille ROSE_B
Ivory chocolate eggs coated with grilled almonds and crystallized jasmine or rose flower fragments and are filled with chocolate figurines.

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