Louis Vuitton Hitches A Ride In The BMW i8

By Nycole Sariol
This spring, ditch the burnt-out Corolla for your weekend getaway. You deserve so much better. Instead, let the BMW i8 with it’s bespoke set of luggage from French fashio house, Louis Vuitton, serve as the only acceptable mode of travel. With the recent arrival of the hybrid likes of the i8, LV wanted to capitalize on this efficient way of voyaging by introducing the carbon fiber luggage and its made-to-fit function within the plug-in sports car – from the colors right down to the storage.


This collaboration with BMW epitomizes our shared values of creativity, technological innovation and style,” sings great grandson of the House’s founder and Louis Vuitton Head of Special Orders, Patrick-Louis-Vuitton.
“Our craftsman at Louis Vuitton have enjoyed the challenge of this very special project, using their ingenuity and attention to detail to create a truly made to measure set of luxury luggage,” he says, “This is a pure expression of the art of travel.”
The collection consists of four, carbon black, luxury pieces done in Louis Vuitton’s signature chequered Damier print and are branded with a laser-etched Louis Vuitton autograph.

Rumbling and tumbling of unfastened luggage while hitting that tricky left hand turn will never again be a problem. Every piece from the lightweight yet sturdy collection has a designated “car seat” to insure a rattle free drive. The weekender GM, takes a seat in the boot; the Garment Bag lies flat on the rear shelf of the car; the Business Case, sinks into its analogous rear P90144150-highResseats; and the succinct nature of the Weekender PM finds a home on its surface. The designer series will show face – or fiber, rather – April 1st in select Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.




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