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Making Water Dangerous

Swimwear designer Amanda Ché

Interviewed by Gabrielle Compolongo

In just under a year of being in business, A. Ché has the representation of Supermodel and Dancing with the Stars contestant Joanna Krupa, who has become the face of Amanda’s Cruise 2011 Campaign. Together, Amanda Che and Joanna Krupa designed the Kashmir Group. This collection is special because it’s the first to have water-proof velvet flocking on it, making the color and appearance stand out, while providing no-slip friction.

GC: Why choose the slogan “Making Water Dangerous”?

 AC: Making Water Dangerous is how I want women to feel when they wear an A.Ché suit. My tops are all bra constructed, so a woman looks her best on the beach…whether they want a super push-up or a stylish supportive bra. I want women to feel sexy and confident that they look their best in the water.

GC: Where do you get your ideas for your designs?

AC: I follow trends in everything from couture to interior design for inspiration. I travel quite often as well, so to stumble across beautiful architecture or appreciate the color scheme of cultural foods creates a flood of ideas for my future collections.

GC: What is the thought process behind your pieces?

 AC: My creative process always begins with a theme that usually coincides with the state of mind I’m in at that particular moment in time. In the last year I’ve been enthralled and enchanted by Eastern Indian culture, yoga, and meditation which is reflected throughout my Cruise 2011 Collection. Everything from  the animal prints, bold colors, sun and sand campaign images and group names like Himalaya and  Bombay, resemble the influence of “Indian Summer”.

GC: Many people think you either look good in a bikini or you don’t. How can a swim suit be flattering?

AC: This is the principal concept behind A.Ché Swimwear, supporting the sensuality that every woman naturally possesses, regardless of age, size, or shape. I design a wide range of silhouettes and cuts so there’s something for the flirty womanlooking for a skimpy bottom and push up bra, and the more sophisticated woman looking for more coverage and support. Contrary to other swim brands, my more covered suits are still sexy and stylish, like my shirred tankini and fashion forward one-pieces. My goal is still to have people say “wow” when they see anyone wearing an A.Ché suit.

GC: Is there a color swimsuit that flatters every skin tone?

AC: Just like there’s the classic little black dress, there’s the classic black bikini that women of all colors should own.

GC: What type of fabrics do you use when designing your suits?

AC: All A.Ché Swimwear is made from the highest caliber of Italian fabric, produced and printed in Italy. The fabric I use has a lustrous shine and lightweight silky touch. Quality is my number one priority.

This has been Updated June 2024.

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