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Miami Beach Goddess Guide


Looking your best on the beach means a fabulous tan, a dashing outfit and “ I’m loving life” attitude. After talking to some of our favorite celebs and one of America’s top beauty experts, plus some serious self-testing, here are our 5 steps to make you shine on the beach.

1 ) GOLD

The moment the sun visibly kissed your skin, (yellow) gold is the metal that compliments your skin the best. So put on that necklace, have fun with a belly chain or simply sport some golden hoop earrings to channel your inner JLO. Swimwear designer Monica Hansen bedazzled her models with gorgeous little gold accessories from ear to toe. We can’t get enough of it!

If you like statement pieces, check Lea Blacks accessories  ( her bestseller, the butterfly gold cuff, is a must have).


To get and keep an even tan that glows. Scrubbing aggravates the already sensitive sun-exposed summer skin. Elphia delivers the dreamboat we have been waiting for:

You apply the gel-like lotion and while softly rubbing it in, the dead skin comes right of  – within seconds. Yes, seconds. Even beach bunnies with sensitive skin love it and the result is smooth skin that is ready for more fun in the sun. It’s anti-aging ingredients also help keeping your skin healthy and happy. Our August covergirl Joanna Krupa is a fan, she told us. “My skin is very sensitive, so I needed something that is non-irritating while still showing real results. “ And yes, we too love what it does for our skin. Especially when following up with the serum that is loaded with great nutrients.

Dr. Garth Fisher is often called ” the Kardashian’s beauty doc” but has been world famous as a plastic surgeon for over 2 decades already.  We gave him a call about his new beauty breakthrough product DOCBLOCK
and learned a few things :“Sun exposure doesn’t just create wrinkles or negatively affects pigmentation”, says Fisher. ” It also affects the skin’s elasticity, means it can lead to skin sagging. So it’s essential to protect your skin at all times.” And since a true sun goddess doesn’t like any sun block residue on her skin, nor a load of chemicals (that we sadly find in most known sunscreens), Fisher delivers also on that front. “Our product has a unique blend of ingredients, so it’s actually good for your skin, plus it’s very blendable, so you feel comfortable using it as a daily moisturizer.” So no chalkiness, no white cast. And given that it has the perfect SPF 55 and works well as a make up base, it is no wonder this product is so loved by photographers and models for beach shoots. 

….your golden color.  Bellini is a bestselling, anti-aging self-tanner from Europe that works in record time. After 15 minutes you already see the first result, which intensifies over the next 24 hours, yet always looks natural. On top of that it’s loaded with anti-aging ingredients and smells divine.

….is the color that can make you look ill when you are tan-less and gorgeously vital after a few days in the sun.
It’s the color of this season (and the next), so go and get your sunny one-piece or bikini and enjoy the good vibes that come with it.
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