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Miami Fashion Network Launch

Future, South Floridian designers, brace yourselves! Miami wants to help you be the next Givenchy or Proenza Scholer! No, seriously – it does!

This past Thursday Miami Fashion Network celebrated the launch of their fashion source database right in the heart of the Design District. The party kicked off with the sweet sounds of the female tag-team, DJs S&M in the always contemporary and artful Arevalo and Sponder Galleries. The who’s who of the Miami Fashion community filled the swanky sphere, dressed in their most capably resplendent outfits, serving as walking, talking, Rick Owens and Celine billboards – leaving no signs of under-dressed patrons in sight!

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“This directory,, is a one-stop shop for designers and suppliers, where everyone can unite and grow their businesses together. We work with designers, who are just trying to start their line, and help them start to finish,” founder and CEO of Miami Fashion Network, Jessica Anderson, shared with us.

Textiles, patternmakers, fashion attorneys – you name it, Miami Fashion Network will hand it to you on a silver platter, guiding you step-by-step to success! In addition to providing future hopefuls with the necessary tools in order to triumph in one of the hardest industries to break into, the fashion database also will host a job bulletin, on-site support, and one-on-one education, in which the site assists and coaches design members with marketing strategies, branding, merchandising and beyond!

By Nycole Sariol

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