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Milk & Cookies Cocktail Recipe

A Miami cold-front is not one to be compared with other cities, such as Chicago. However, it is the perfect excuse to stay in and watch movies while cuddled in blankets. Why not enjoy a homemade cocktail courtesy of Matador Bar? This milk and cookies recipe will satisfy your sweet cravings.

Milk & Cookies Recipe by Matador Bar

– 2 oz Absolut Elyx
– 1.5 oz condensed milk
– 0.75 oz Espresso
– 2 egg whites

Combine all the ingredients with ice into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain out the ice and shake again to fluff up the egg whites. Pour into an old-fashioned milk bottle and serve with warm, homemade cookies.

Matador Bar is located with The Edition at 2901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL
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