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Mosh – The Art of Seduction


By Nadja Atwal / Glam and Photographed by Troy Jensen @itstroyjensen
Around 10 years ago there was a shift in the modeling world. Instead of being eager to fill their model books with high fashion editorials, smart models hired a publicist and focused on building their name. Men’s magazines favored the commercial looking beauty over the skinny catwalk models and eventually no industry could resist that trend. In the recent years another model sector started to boom. Some call it retro modeling, others simply ‘alternative’. Gorgeous girls that flaunt their curves with stunning dresses and make up that remind us  Hollywood’s best days with Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth or Jean Harlow. Brands like Stop Staring!  or Pinup Girl Clothing became trendsetters with the revival of the 40s and 50s dresses.  And again the high fashion world had not choice but to adapt and embrace.

One model that has emerged as the new superstar in this new glamorous movement is a stunning talent – and she simply goes by the name MOSH . The petite blonde bombshell bedazzles the masses with her looks, personality and contortion talent. After seeing her latest fashion shoot in the new Harpers Bazaar Mexico issue and all her mind blowing shots on her Instagram, we reached out to Mosh to ask her if she wanted to be our new cover star. Not only was she happy to accommodate, but also chatted with us a bit about, well, just read on …

It’s always interesting to find out how it all started, which stepping stone became a turning point in one’s career. In your case it was …?
The Model Mayhem website where models took matters into their own hands and networked directly with photographers and expanded their diversity of work. It was a new and unique platform that enabled me to take my career to another level.
Beauty with brains….
Yet especially at that time society didn’t believe much in that concept. The general judgement was and often still is “ If you have the beauty, you can not possibly have the brains”… Still they had to acknowledge female  tycoons like Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, beautiful smart women who built impressive empires. 
I’m sure they weren’t exactly friends, right?
(laughs) Oh they were the most bitter rivals – even though they never met. One would  hire the staff member  the other had  just fired. I read a great book about their relationship called “ War Pain” .
Sounds “lovely”… Shows that it was pre #MeeToo movement.
Well it’s easy to help someone much weaker than you , but strong women looking out for strong women, that’s still a challenge for many today. But #MeToo has indeed united us in a way though that we do not accept anymore when people in power feel they have the upper hand and can use in any way they desire. Those times are over. Next chapter in the book about women must be about us getting generally better at helping each other instead of tearing each other down.
Very true. Well, we love strong women here at Miami Shoot Magazine – and especially multitalented ones! Since you don’t just pose but entertain, what does a show with Mosh look like?
You feel like you are diving into different eras via my costumes … Then of course I use my background as a competitive gymnast for the contortion aspect of my show.
So the perfect body with the perfect costumes with the perfect moves and poses. Just divine! Now we women all look at your photos in those high end magazines or instagram and we sigh: “how does she get hair to be like this …? What does she use to make her skin so flawless?”  We need some details here, please.
Surely there are some products I recommend. I  use Guerlain lipsticks for their outstanding colors and texture, the jet-black eyeliner, brow pencils from Clinique and to get that matte, even look, I swear by the powder from Caron Paris. When it comes to hair I love how W8less hairspray delivers this combination of a fine mist and strong hold. If you want to try the platin blond look like me, give Phyto shampoo ‘for grey, white and platinblond hair’ a shot. It’s fantastic. But most importantly: you gotta decide to unleash your creativity. Enjoy!

Instagram: Officiallymosh / Glam and Photos by Troy Jensen @itstroyjensen 

Ultrawear Flawless Foundation 
in Rose Beige
Longwear Colour Corrector in Correcteur Rose
Illuminating Powder
Natural Finish Loose Powder in Clair Translucent 1
Powder Blush in Rose Glacier
Brows: Dior’s Dior Backstage Brow Palette in Light Palette- Diorshow Brow Styler in 001 Universal Brown, DIORSHOW BOLD BROW
Instant volumizing brow mascara in 011 Light. 
On Eyes: Jouer Cosmetic’s Jet-Set Eye Bundle includes Essential Jet-Set Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Kitten Liner Liquid Eyeliner 
Faux Lashes by Feather Lashes in Style Luna. 
Mascara: Dior Diorshow Black Out in 099 Kohl Black.
On lips: Troy Jensen “Starlet Muse” Lipstick Collection. Mosh is wearing “Siren” With Angel Lipgloss on top. Both available at Three Custom

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