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Must Haves For Your Best Smile Ever 

Photography by André Rüssel

When it comes to first impressions, nothing wins more than a fabulous smile. This goes for business and pleasure, equally. Nadja Atwal was named “sexiest power woman” who manages to swing all three, being a loving mom, devoted wife to a successful scientist, and jet-setting career woman…all while looking fabulous. Since she is self-admittingly “obsessed” with all the latest remedies and tools in oral care, we were curious about the ‘secret weapons’ she found to be most effective. While busy with work, friends, family and on the go, how do we establish a routine that leads us to our best smile ever and doesn’t break the bank?

No matter if you have real teeth, veneers or crowns, red wine willNadja Atwal by André Rüssel usually make its mark and as much as I love my glass of Barolo or Bordeaux, I often opt for a Pinot Grigio simply because I‘d rather not deal with a post wine purple mouth after a enjoying my red. Then came along a product that has become a must-have in my purse: White Wipes.

They are fast, easy and really work! And for coffee aficionados, White Wipes not only works for whiter teeth after your regular cup of Joe but also for fresher breath.

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Veneers or even a professional teeth bleaching not in your budget? Or are your teeth simply too sensitive to embrace a bleach? Smart Ash by Bedrock & Bloom may be the answer for you. Its non-abrasive formula safely lifts stains and toxins, for a whiter, healthier smile and it can be safely used for your everyday oral care. The best part: it’s safe for sensitive teeth and helps reversing sensitivity by remineralizing and restoring enamel. Like any good toothpaste, it also fights cavities, plaque, bacteria and gingivitis plus prevents tooth decay. The ash polishes teeth in a way that reminded me of the last step of my dental cleaning at my doc’s office. Not only do your teeth feel clean but also polished! 

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Only too often I notice: cheaper is better. Especially when it comes to dental hygiene. How many mouthwashes have we all tried, looking for that one combination of healthy, flavorful and effective? Well, I stopped counting. Since we now know that many of the over the counter mouthwashes with alcohol content over 13% are suspected to increase the risk of oral and throat cancer, I kept diluting those candidates with water, only to miss the crisp minty sensation.

The solution is the the new rockstar pf the mouthwash world, PerioBrite from Nature’s Answer. All natural, alcohol free with CoQ 10, folic acid and tons of impressive natural ingredients that make your oral care so much easier. Its ‘Coolmint’ flavor really delivers the freshness one craves.

Available at

On the go, post lunch or dinner and in need of fresh breath? The Effervescent Breath Freshener Packets from 32 are a little miracle of freshness. A singe little package of these cute crystals goes a long way…or should I say ‘day’? No matter if for an important meeting or date, these yummy pals get the job done in a way a chewing gum or mouthwash simply can’t, plus it’s the fastest and easiest on the go solution for fresh breath that I have ever experienced.

It comes in different flavors that are all but boring – my favorite being ‘watermelon mojito.’

Available at

Now the quick cosmetic fix for whiter teeth: lipstick. We all know by now that colors with yellowish hue make your teeth look just that: more yellow, while strong reds or pinkish shades bring out a whiter smile. But let’s drop some names, if only as a dependable guideline. As for a true red: the shade Absolute Rouge from Lancome has been a dependable, stunning companion of mine from day to night. 

Now fall season provides a great opportunity to experiment with a deeper shades like Deeply Adored from MAC’s Marilyn collection which brightens your smile even more. 

Not as expensive but even more vamp is Charlotte Tilbury’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Night Crimson. On Charlotte Tilbury’s homepage you will find both products and helpful video tutorials.

For a lighter version of pink that still lets your smile light up the room, try Charlotte Tilbury’s shade Velvet Underground.

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