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My Miami: Ken Mahoney

Ken Mahoney is the current star and face of financial advising. The Founder and CEO of Mahoney Asset Management in New York is known for his “outside of the box” ideas and creative approach to the financial market. That’s why he’s not only a highly sought-after guest expert on typical business shows and channels where he frequently gives us more insight into the swinging moods of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ. We also see him on programs, such as the TODAY show, where he educates viewers on various topics like turning your own junk into cash, for example. Since diversity is increasingly becoming a key ingredient in successful careers, Ken himself followed his own advice and branched out into his passion of Broadway. Today, he is not just a Broadway-lover but also a Tony Award winning producer! The happily married father of two boys is a true embodiment of the term “business meets pleasure” and views Miami as the perfect place for both family and business trips.

Ken Mahoney by Aubrey Chandler_sm
Photographed by Aubrey Chandler

When in Miami you can catch me…
Taking a walk in the early morning on South Beach and Ocean Drive. I’ll spontaneously pop into a restaurant, like The Front Porch Cafe, for great breakfast and be entertained by people watching.

The biggest misconception about Miami is…
That it’s just the “hustle and bustle” of a big city. It can be at times, but the nearby ocean and the picturesque Art Deco District in the area can encourage people to stop and smell the roses.

The last restaurant I enjoyed in Miami was…
KLIMA Restaurant and Bar. It is simply outstanding spanish cuisine; plus, my wife and I enjoy the low-key atmosphere. We order a number of tapas to try a little of everything and I get to practice speaking Spanish, which is “un poco” [laughs].

What surprised me most about Miami was…
That Miamians are really into their sports, especially the Miami Heat! But also the Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins. When you speak to Miami natives, they usually jump right into their sport teams. Also, the architecture and Art Deco District being so close to the ocean is very beautiful. And the colors… my God, the colors!

Aside from the weather, the best reason to return to Miami is…
The vibe. I truly believe Miami invented the idea of “work hard, play hard.” People are so happy, warm and friendly. They accept you even though you’re there for a short stay. You feel so welcomed to come back.

The first time I became really curious about Miami was…
Do I need to share my age? [Laughs]. The Miami Sound Machine and the great opening theme of Miami Vice–including
Jan Hammer’s amazing musical theme, of course.

What happens in Miami stays in Miami…and in MSM. Any secret or funny moment you‘d like to share about you and this city?
I was in traffic and noticed all the cars getting off an exit, so I figured “when in Rome…” I got off the exit earlier than I expected, and in hopes of skipping the accident ahead, I followed the car in front of me, figuring he would navigate us through local roads. The next thing you know, he pulled into his driveway! I pulled over and said I was not stalking him, but was expecting to follow him back to the highway. With that, he jumped back into his car and brought me back to the highway, with plenty of laughs. That is the kindness of Miami people!

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