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My Miami – with Jamie Colby of Fox Business Network’s primetime reality series Strange Inheritance

By Nadja Atwal
Popular Fox News anchor Jamie Colby may be one of the smartest ladies on TV. The stunning blonde with the infectious smile was a practicing attorney before she entered the world of TV and is currently licensed in California, New York, Florida AND the District of Columbia. If that was not enough she is also an accountant, a mortgage broker, and a real estate broker. Her smarts showed early on when she got admitted to the University of Miami International School of Business at age 14!

Currently the diverse media pro who has an extensive journalistic background with networks like CNN, CBS and FOX (among others) is hosting Fox Business Network’s primetime reality series Strange Inheritance. But her busy business schedule never keeps her from enjoying one of her favorite places: MIAMI. We were curious about all the details….

Jamie Colby_

1.) When in Miami you may catch me at….the Palm Court in the Design District, listening to the Miami Symphony or enjoying irresistible food and live music at Estefan Kitchen!
2.) The biggest misconception about Miami is…that it lacks culture and is just a retirement locale or party town. I always make time to check out the art scene in Wynwood, the Bass museum, Faena Art and try to score tickets to the now famed Art Basel. I’ve watched the art scene take off in my hometown since before Basel started in Miami. You can literally attend something incredible every night!
3.) The last restaurant I enjoyed in Miami was….that’s an easy one. Joe’s!!! Steve Sawitz is the world’s greatest host and I can never go enough for stone crabs and all the sides! You are making me hungry!
4.) What surprised me about Miami was…that I ended up living there! My folks were both native New Yorkers but when they uprooted my brother retired Dade County Circuit Judge Jonathan Colby and I to move to Miami, they did us the greatest favor!
5.) Best reason to return to Miami aside from the weather? The people! I have a ton of childhood, college (Go Canes!) and law school friends in town but wherever you go in town, there’s a colorful crowd that’s ethnically diverse and I think that’s what makes Miami so special. I wish more people would check out how far Miami has come in its beauty, entertainment, art and hospitality. Growing up one of my funniest memories was my best friend Stephanie Koretzsky who was a hotel operator at the National Hotel owned at the time by her dad Murray. These were the days when you had wires you plugged into the switchboard to connect calls (think Lily Tomlin and one ringy dingy). Every time I drive down Ocean Drive which looks nothing like it did then, I think about how funny Stephanie sounded – just a kid playing a hilarious hotel operator. The shopping keeps me coming back too. I love the Webster, En Avance and a trip to Bal Harbor with lunch at Carpaccio of course!
6.) First time I became really curious about Miami was …right now! I just can’t even imagine what it will be like in 10 years. Construction is booming, people are investing and the art scene that I am so passionate about is literally on fire! How exciting for all of us who love Miami so much.
7. ) What happens in Miami stays  in Miami…and  our magazine. Any  secret or funny moment you ‘d like to share about you and this city?
I am such a big fan of Steve Sawitz and Joe’s Stone Crab’s, after all he is a childhood friend, that after I went into labor with my son and was warned no meals before delivery, I made a stop at Joe’s take out on the way to Mount Sinai Hospital down the street and had a feast of claws, coleslaw and hash browns! My delivery room nurse was clearly not pleased so after my son Gregory arrived, I sent the whole labor and delivery staff a take away Joe’s meal they’d never forget.
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