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One-On-One with L*Space™ Founder & Creative Director Monica Wise

By Katie Jackson
Photography Courtesy of L*Space™

L*Space has been known as the popular fashion-forward swimwear line seen on beaches and at poolside parties around the world for the past decade. Founder and Creative Director Monica Wise brought the beloved swimwear brand to life hoping to not only provide stylish, high-quality bathing suits and cover-ups, but to also make her customers feel fabulous in what they are wearing while playing in the sun. We sat down with Wise to discuss the beginnings of her brand, the inspiration behind her 2016 collection, what she thought about Joanna Krupa falling in love with her designs, and more.


MSM: What influenced you to become a swimwear designer?Monica Wise: I’ve always had a love for the warmer months. Growing up in the Midwest, I became tired of the brutal winters and would escape off to Florida’s beaches whenever I had the chance. As soon as I could, I moved out of Ohio to the warm beaches of Florida and developed a love affair with the inspiring local culture of tanned and toned bodies.

MSM: Why the name L*Space?
MW: I found that everything that was important to me personally and professionally seemed to start with the letter L (Love, Laughter, Living, Lounging). I was searching for the missing L’s in my life and creating my “L” space.

MSM: Tell us about the inspiration behind your 2016 collection.
MW: My “L” this season is inspired by our LOVE to explore exotic parts of the world that are rich in culture. This collection is filled with bold ethnic prints, barely there shades and nontraditional color mixing. Spring 2016 is all about the destinations that truly move you – about the places you’ve never been but want to go.

MSM: What are some of the most important lessons you have learned as owner and creative director of L*Space and why?
MW: It’s important to listen to your customers – make sure you’re delivering what they want and not what you prefer. It’s also so important to stay passionate about whatever it is you choose to do – the minute the passion is lost you might as well throw in the towel.

MSM: What advice would you provide aspiring designers?
MW: Deliver product that is different, compelling, and special. Also, quality, quality, quality – without quality you have nothing.

MSM: Joanna Krupa loved wearing and modeling your swimwear design on Miami Shoot Magazine’s cover. How does it feel to have an international supermodel absolutely love your designs?
MW: With so many choices of bikini collections, I’m honored she loves our brand. I love seeing my swimwear worn by women who exude style and confidence – Joanna is the epitome of an L*Space customer.

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