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One on One with Up and Coming Music Artist Veronica Vega

MSM: At what age did you start singing?

I’ve been singing since I was about 3-4 years old but I started professionally doing it at the age of 13.

MSM: What artists inspired you to start singing?

I’m inspired by many artists not just one or two. Culture really intrigues me so any artist that offers talent and culture is inspiring.

MSM: Pitbull is like family to you. How did you meet and what important role does he play presently in your life?

I met Pitbull when I was 15 years old through doing music and recording in the studio. Pitbull and I have an awesome working relationship. He and I come from the same background as we are first generation Americans with Latin parents. He sees a lot of himself in me as I do in him. That makes our connection strong.

MSM: Tell us what it was like to have Pitbull collaborate on your recent single “Wicked”?

Collaborating with Pitbull on Wicked is of course nothing but an honor and a blessing. For me it was a great learning experience as well because I got to see the way he works as well as his attack on records and approach in business which is quite impressive.

MSM: How would you describe your style of music?

I would describe my style of music as a blend of cultures. Its a fusion of sounds and melodies found in different genres of music. I’ve mixed tropical music with hip-hop, dance, and reggae. It’s untapped so it’s refreshing. But a person who probably couldn’t describe it would say its pop music.

MSM: What is your next single? Album? Is it in Spanish or English? When is it slated to be released?

My next single will be announced very soon. Currently I’m recording a few more records for my album both in English and Spanish and collaborating with producers and artists from around the world. Greatness takes time! 😉

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MSM: Legendary producer Polow Da Don who has worked with some of the big names in the music industry such as Usher, Chris Brown, Nelly, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, among many others, has been working with you… How did you both meet and how long have you been working with him?

Working with Polow Da Don is a dream. Aside from being undeniably talented and recognized for his success in music, he’s been an incredible mentor for me. Working with him has motivated me and taught me hard work and dedication. He inspires me to be better everyday. He pushes me to the limit and his expectations for me keeps me on my toes. Musically, I can’t even explain how genius he is. What he’s done for me musically has no words. I can’t wait for the world to hear it. In short, working with Polow has been one of my greatest blessings.

MSM: What is your sense of style and who are your favorite fashion designers?

My sense of style ranges depending on my mood. For the most part, I like to be comfortable. I’m from Miami so anything that shows some skin is a winner to me! (laughs). I’m a girly girl but I do dabble in boy apparel as well. I like young, fresh, and colorful things. I have a bipolar style lol.

MSM: What is in store for the future of Veronica Vega?

New music and visuals for my fans. I pray to change peoples lives and inspire others like great artists have inspired me. Through music and culture I hope to represent a group of people like me (Young Latin Americans) and help create awareness about our culture throughout the world.

Photography by IMANI OGDEN


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